Magic Circle Awards Special: James Sellon, Managing Partner at MASECO Private Wealth

Date: 10 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

Deciding that there was no institution that could or was willing to adjust their business model to service American citizens properly and with the non-dom changes that came about in 2008 there was a significant market opportunity that we were well positioned for.

Who has been a good influence on you/your role model, and what did they teach you?

My father was the Chairman of the Institute of Financial Planning a long while ago. He unfortunately passed away a while ago but he taught me the importance of integrity, client service and humility. My business partner Josh Matthews has also been a good influence, I think that together we patch up each other’s blind spots.

What does being shortlisted for Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

I was surprised to be shortlisted as I have generally kept my head down and got on with it. It is however a great honour to be recognised by industry peers for work carried out so far but the relative success has been the toils of many and at the top of that list, my business partner Josh.

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