Top 15 Crypto and Blockchain Legal ‘Traum teams’ /dream teams – Western Europe

Date: 19 Oct 2022

Karen Jones

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Bitcoin may be flat lining as an asset but its steady resistance at c$20k a coin has made it an asset of interest. As FUD around bitcoin, its fellow coins and NFTs has been replaced by tech investment into public and private blockchains, ETF funds, fan tokens, fund raising, major name artists and museums using NFTs, custody, IPOs, enforcement and compliance, asset tracing, legal innovation and investigations, the crypto or blockchain industry, however you wish to frame it, has given birth to a new, global industry that is feeding existing businesses with new lines of work. In its infancy did anyone predict a real-world scenario where divorces and disputes would affect crypto? Crypto and blockchain are now creating work for everyone from government, professional services, to big brand banks and art museums.

Something that was once the domain of the dark web, techies and druggies has become clearer and cleaner, it is something more understood as time progresses. Now seed funding grows crypto companies from 10 to 250 in a year, bringing further infrastructure and compliance issues into employment, reputation and diversity in a male dominated industry.

A new, fast paced industry will experience teething problems and some of those are manifesting as traders suing exchanges, legal test cases, class actions against wallet apps, customer service issues and scams which have flowed into retail and consumer protection laws. Another problem has been for the rest of the world to actively access the expertise that will enable crypto and blockchain business. This has proven notoriously difficult.

For this reason, Citywealth is delighted to feature a selection of recommended names in German speaking countries which are steeped in a long history of understanding crypto and blockchain in Western Europe. We are delighted that the leading name on this list Dr Luka Mueller was called “the best in the industry.”

Traum teams = Dream teams 


MME Legal – Dr Luka Mueller, Dr Andreas Glarner, Luca Hitz, Dr Martin Eckert, Dr. Kiril Haslebacher

MLL Legal – Reto luthiger, Alexander Voegel, Ronald Kogens, Kilian Scharli

Baker & Mckenzie – Lyubomir Georgiev, Dr Matthias Courvoisier, Kevin Arduser, Yves Mauchle

Bär & Karrer Ltd – Daniel Flühmann, Cyrill Diefenbacher, Dr Peter Hsu

Homburger – Daniel Haeberli, Stefan Oesterhelt ,Alexander Wherlock, Benjamin Leisinger

Lenz & Staehelin – Marcel Tranchet, Dr Lukas Morscher, Dr Patrick Schleiffer

Pestalozzi – Oliver Widmer, Urs Kloeti, Beat Schwarz

Niederer Kraft Frey AG – Thomas Frick, Clara-Ann Gordon

CMS  Tina BalzliDr Matthias Kuert

Schellenberg Wittmer – Roland Mathys, Dr Olivier Favre, Caroline Clemetson

VISCHER – Jana Essebier, Christoph Niederer


Wolf Theiss – Dr Niklas Schmidt, Dr Claus Schneider, Andrea Gritsch, Markus Aigner, Angelika Zotter, 


Henseler & Partner – Sabine Krumme


Niedermueller Attorneys – Dr Matthias Niedermueller, Selma Talic

NÄGELE Attorneys – Thomas Naegele

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