Top 15 Caribbean Crypto Legal Dream Teams

Date: 26 Oct 2022

Karen Jones

Crypto has found a natural home in international financial centres with their own specialisms in funds, regulatory, fintech, disputes and litigation. The proximity to the USA also means they have developed blockchain expertise to become world leaders in crypto work.

Looking geographically at the Caribbean we have Bermuda, Cayman and BVI, and The Bahamas, which gets a special mention for their innovative work around Sand Dollar which although not crypto is an interesting development in digital assets for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Here is a round up from our editorial research in the crypto industry of recommended individuals and their specialisms.

Red indicates two Citywealth crypto super lawyers who have excellent mentions from crypto natives and industry peers: Andrew Jowett, Appleby, Funds – BVI and Steven Rees Davies, Carey Olsen, Regulatory – Bermuda

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Bermuda, BVI, Cayman, The Bahamas


Jerome Wilson, Carl Meyer, FinTech – Bermuda

Peter Colegate, FinTech – Cayman

Andrew Jowett, Appleby

Andrew Jowett, Appleby, Funds – BVI

Carey Olsen

Steven Rees Davies, Carey Olsen

Carey Olsen 

Steven Rees Davies, Regulatory – Bermuda 

Alexandra Fox, FinTech – Bermuda

Chris Duncan, Crypto /blockchain – Cayman, BVI

Clinton Hempel, Mark Harbison, Regulatory/Corp finance – BVI


Chris Garrod, FinTech – Bermuda 

Robert Lindley, Disputes – Cayman and BVI

Alecia Johns, Disputes/Insolvency – Cayman

Robert Briant, Funds – BVI

Marie Stewart, Disputes – BVI


Natalie Nato, Regulatory – Bermuda

Melanie Fullerton, Regulatory – Bermuda

Rosalind Nicholson, Disputes – BVI

Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries

Chris Humphries, Funds – Cayman

Jonathan McLean, Regulatory/Funds – Cayman

Megan Wright, FinTech/Funds – Cayman


Richard Spencer, Funds – Cayman

Andrew Pullinger, Disputes – Cayman

Collas Crill

Stephen Leontsinis, Disputes/Insolvency – Cayman

Natascha Steiner-Smith, Disputes/Insolvency – Cayman

David Harby, Disputes – BVI


Bradley Kruger, Funds – Cayman

Nick Rogers, Funds/Blockchain – Cayman

Michael Killourhy, FinTech/Funds – BVI

Simon Schilder, Funds – BVI

Maples Group

Aristos Galatopoulos, Disputes/Insolvency – Cayman

Adrian Francis, Disputes/Insolvency – BVI

O’Neal Webster

Christopher Simpson, Funds – BVI

Kerry Anderson, Funds – BVI


Jayson Wood, Andrew Thorp, Disputes/Insolvency – Bermuda

Christopher Pease, Disputes/Insolvency – BVI


Catherine Pham, Funds – Cayman

Jennifer Jenkins, Disputes/Insolvency – BVI

Sophie Christodoulou, Disputes/Insolvency – BVI

Loeb Smith

Gary Smith, Regulatory – Cayman

Robert Farrell, Funds – Cayman

Graham Thompson

Aliya Allen, FinTech/Funds – Bahamas

Sean McWeeney, FinTech – Bahamas

Francis Grey

Janet Francis, Funds – Cayman

Georgia Gibson Henlin KC, Disputes – Cayman

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