Meet the Leaders: Aurélie Conrad Hari @ Bär & Karrer in Geneva

Date: 06 Jan 2021


“Being rated among top lawyers from all over the world brings me pride and a nice feeling of recognition

Meet the Leaders: Aurélie Conrad Hari @ Bär & Karrer in Geneva

A pleasant and inspiring chat with Aurélie brought some food for thought on the importance of recognition and its connection to success.

In the midst of the final preparations for the Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards, our event that highlights the excellence of the advisers and managers in the private wealth sector in the major international financial centres, we had the great pleasure of interviewing one of our Top Leaders: Aurélie Conrad Hari.

Aurélie has featured on Citywealth’s Leaders List for a long time now, and her UHNW clients and peers say on her profile that she: “Adheres closely to client wishes, acts with vigour and steadfast purpose to achieve impressive results”.

Results come by choosing the right path, though and we wanted to know how choosing the Leaders List impacted Aurélie’s professional life.


When and how did you start your path? Share with us the first steps

After studying law at the University of Neuchâtel and getting a diploma in European Legal Studies at the University of Kent, I was admitted to the bar in 2005. I lead the civil litigation department at Bär & Karrer in  have been a partner since 2017. I have experience in handling cross-border disputes and regularly advise and represent private individuals and corporations in civil and criminal proceedings. I preside over the Litigation Commission of the International Association of Young Lawyers and head the Expert Forum for Dispute Resolution.


What was the main reason that encouraged you to join the Leaders List?

Bär & Karrer’s private client team has been working with Citywealth for a long time. As a partner and at the same time taking on more and more private client work, my team colleagues introduced me to Citywealth as a networking platform and indeed suggested the Leaders List as a means to raise my profile internationally.


We’ve noticed something very interesting on your Leaders List profile: what clients and peers say about you: Adhering closely to client wishes, acting with vigour and steadfast purpose to achieve impressive results.”

We know that many lawyers can’t share their success path due to the confidentiality of the details. How do you feel top lawyers can earn recognition out of their success?

Actually, being a part of the Leaders List brought a great impact on this aspect.  It gives you international exposure. It also is a very nice recognition and reward for the efforts we make for our clients.

The Leaders List has increased my international profile. More recognition means more business: more requests from international clients and colleagues. 

And last but not least, I am proud to be on the list because it includes top lawyers from all over the world.


Would you share some final words of wisdom for our followers?

Use every international opportunity to network, learn and develop, even as a young lawyer.


Thank you Aurélie, for your time and advice!

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