Magic Circle Awards Special: Sara Maccallum, Partner at Boodle Hatfield

Date: 08 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

I had several important moments but perhaps the most important one was when I left private practice and I became a lecturer quite early on in my career. It taught me loads of things about presentational skills and explaining technical issues in an easier fashion.

Since I’ve come back into private practice, it really stood me in an enormously good stead when I’m dealing with private clients. That’s because quite often I’m trying to explain quite complex issues and I think it’s easier to build a relationship when I do that in a more straightforward way.

Who has been a good influence on you?

Since I’ve been at Boodle Hatfield, which is where I’ve spent last 18 years of my practicing career, I’ve been really lucky. Within the private client team, I’ve had a couple of really good role models. When I first joined the firm, I worked a lot with partner Kate Howe. She was an absolutely fantastic lawyer, taught me an awful lot both in terms of the technical skills and how to express myself. In more recent years, I worked a lot with Sue Lang who is an absolute doyenne of the private client world and I’ve learned a lot from her as well. More importantly, we are very supportive of women and women’s issues which has always been a very important area that I wanted to promote as I’ve grown through the firm.

What does being shortlisted for the Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

It’s a real honour. Given that these awards are voted for by the profession and people who are interested in the private wealth area it’s even more important because you feel that it gives you a recognition, not just for me but for the firm. It’s nice that Boodle Hatfield is getting its name out there whether as a firm or through individual contribution. So I am extremely pleased.

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