Lift the lid and enjoy the 2022 Festive Hamper Gift Edit by Harrods

Date: 02 Nov 2022


Harrods Corporate Service has announced their Hamper Gift Edit for the Season. Lift the lid and discover their finest selection of festive food and treats inside Harrods signature woven wicker baskets and gift boxes.

Harrods Corporate Service has announced their Hamper Gift Edit for the Season. Lift the lid and discover their finest selection of festive food and treats inside Harrods signature woven wicker baskets and gift boxes – picture mince pies, biscuits, jams, chocolates and more, alongside tea and coffee and a sommelier-approved selection of their finest wines.

Below a selection of the 2022 Festive Hamper Gift Edit options

The Grosvenor Christmas Hamper – £175

The Grosvenor Christmas Hamper

Louie, the Harrods Christmas Bear for 2022, leads the line-up of indulgent treats in The Grosvenor Hamper from Harrods. In fact, given both Louie’s presence and the charming wicker basket in which this selection is presented, it would be apt to think of it as something of a teddy bear’s picnic – albeit with a particularly festive leaning. You’ll find a carefully curated offering of sweet delights here, ready to be spread, nibbled, and sipped throughout the Christmas period.

The Beauty Hamper – £180

The Beauty Hamper

Feel your best in time for the festive season with The H Beauty Hamper – an assortment of pamper-ready beauty favourites, Champagne, tea and chocolate to indulge in. The Rose Cleansing Balm prepares your skin for the Rose Gold Sheet face and eye mask, while the Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel soothes and depuffs tired under-eyes. Finish off with a layer of nourishing lip oil and Harrods’ Red Berries No. 70 tea, before drifting off into sweet slumber with Slip’s luxuriously soft silk eye mask.

The Family Sharing Hamper – £200

The Family Sharing Hamper 

It can be hard to please every member of the family, but that’s a challenge that Harrods embraces with open arms. Behold The Family Sharing Hamper – a sumptuous selection that offers a delight for every palate, big and small. Cheese straws and nuts will satisfy those will savoury and salty tastes, while indulgent treats including fudge and hot chocolate have sweeter inclinations covered. Of course, no one need be confined to either sweet or savoury – there’s plenty of each to go round.

The Knightsbridge Christmas Hamper – £250

The Knightsbridge Christmas Hamper 

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Harrods hamper, and The Knightsbridge makes a fine choice for gifting this season. Inside the signature wicker basket, you’ll find our classic mince pies, traditional Christmas pudding – with brandy butter, of course – plus chocolate, wines, and a bottle of Champagne to toast the festive season and beyond.

The Wine Celebration Hamper – £280

The Wine Celebration Hamper

No celebratory moment is complete without a special tipple to share between loved ones, especially when it’s been hand-selected by Harrods’ connoisseurs for The Wine Celebration Hamper. Open the charming wicker basket – you’ll be admiring it long after the last drop of wine has been enjoyed – and savour a selection of 12 wines, from a bubbly, well-rounded Prosecco, and smooth Malbec to a wonderfully fruity Sauvignon Blanc.

The Ultimate Celebration Hamper – £500

The Ultimate Celebration Hamper 

Anyone who receives Harrods’ The Ultimate Celebration Hamper will put a last-minute soirée in their calendar just to enjoy its contents. Within a monogrammed wicker basket – perfect for alfresco get-togethers and impromptu picnics in the park with family and friends – you can expect to find all you need to satisfy every tastebud, from hand-picked wines, expertly blended teas and coffee, and a joyous selection of sweet treats, preserves, savoury goodies and more.

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