Leading psychedelic immersion programme lands in the De Hoorneboeg retreat centre, in the Netherlands

Date: 28 Mar 2023

Silvia Ricciardi

Beckley Retreats has announced dates for the six-day psychedelic immersion programme, from 14-19 May, which will operate out of the De Hoorneboeg retreat centre, 25 miles from Amsterdam.

The De Hoorneboeg retreat centre

Following the success of its first psychedelic retreat in Europe last August, holistic wellbeing company, Beckley Retreats, has announced dates for its next Netherlands retreat. The six-day immersion from 14-19 May, will operate out of a new location, the De Hoorneboeg retreat centre, 25 miles from Amsterdam.

Carefully chosen for its quiet, lush environment in nature, De Hoorneboeg has a strong history of providing a dedicated space to learn and reflect through human connection, contemplation and meditation. Beautifully renovated, it provides the perfect environment for the depth and personal care provided during the Beckley Retreat experience.  

Prepare, Immerse, Integrate for meaningful change

Based on decades of insights from the Beckley Foundation, the retreats combine world-class contemplative practices with the science-backed benefits of truffles (containing psilocybin). 
The eleven week programme includes an updated and enhanced pre- and post-retreat integration based on the latest habit and wellbeing scientific research, resulting in the most robust and comprehensive psychedelic retreat available. Ahead of the retreat, participants join a 4-week virtual preparation program through group workshops, 1:1 facilitator calls, journaling and exercises, plus an introduction to key wellbeing practices. 

These are put into practice on the six day retreat in Holland, where participants enjoy a digital detox for ceremonies using truffles (containing psilocybin), meditation, mindful movement, therapeutic group integration and breathwork. Back home, they’re supported in turning the benefits from their retreat experience into long-term wellbeing practices through weekly group calls, meditation and breathwork modules. Increased focus is placed on this period, where there is optimum potential for long lasting change.
As well as the retreats in Holland, where using psilocybin truffles is legal, Beckley Retreats runs a successful programme in Jamaica. Hosted in a safe and legal setting, their retreats provide participants with the guided consumption of hallucinogenic fungi for therapeutic purposes.

The five-night retreat in Holland costs from USD6000 per person with a maximum of 20 participants. Price includes locally sourced vegetarian meals. Full programme details are here or visit for more information. 

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