IQ-EQ boosts support for Chinese-speaking family offices with new hire

Date: 12 May 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

Briony Sun

IQ-EQ has boosted its support for Chinese-speaking private clients and family offices with a dedicated Chinese Family Office Executive based in Jersey.

The appointment comes as the global investor services group seeks to optimise its services for Chinese (ultra-)high-net-worth families living in or planning to relocate to the UK, particularly London, and those looking to establish a Jersey trust.

This focus is reflective of market demand: according to recent research from McKinsey & Co, China has become the world’s wealthiest country, surpassing the United States and accounting for nearly one third of the total increase in global net worth since the year 2000. This development, combined with the fact the largest number of HNWs relocating to the UK last year came from China, means increasing demand for private client and family office services based in the UK but delivered in Chinese. 

Briony Sun, IQ-EQ’s new Chinese Family Office Executive, will be part of the firm’s Private Wealth team in Jersey while also working closely with the UK team and with The Private Office, IQ-EQ’s exclusive lifestyle and property management business based in Mayfair, London.

Briony will be responsible for promoting IQ-EQ’s family office services to Chinese-speaking clients, in particular those originally from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Her expertise will build upon existing Mandarin capabilities within IQ-EQ’s Jersey team as well as the group’s operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China.

With a background in teaching and business development, Briony founded Jersey’s first Chinese school in 2016, focused on understanding the nuances of Chinese business culture and communications as well as the language itself. Building upon her experience working as BD and Client Coordinator at one of the leading offshore law firms, she also completed her STEP Certificate in International Trust Management with Distinction in the same year. Since then, Briony has provided a broad spectrum of support to her clients, ranging from translating and interpreting to advising on BD-related matters such as presentations, Chinese social media, servicing clients and building business networks.

Briony holds a Bachelor of Laws in International Politics from Liaoning University in China, a diploma in Translating and Interpreting from Newcastle University, and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Durham.

Mirek Gruna, Chief Commercial Officer in Jersey, commented:

We are delighted to have Briony join us as we augment our offering to our growing Chinese client base to service them as effectively as possible. As we welcome more and more Chinese-speaking families and family offices as clients in the UK and Jersey, I have no doubts that Briony will be a huge asset to the team, significantly enhancing our abilities to provide tailored and culturally sensitive support.”

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