Client Profiles launch CP Foundation

Date: 01 Jun 2007


Client Profiles, who are Atlanta based, are soon to launch the CP Foundation and aim to ‘partner’ with law firms to raise $2.5 million for charitable causes including education in Georgia.

Their drive will be to do deals with law firms with a negotiated percent going to their CP (Client Profiles) Foundation.Running as a not for profit, Whit McIsaac their CEO, plans to raise the Georgia education ranking from 49 out of 50, which compares with Atlanta which is ranked as one of the top spots for education.

Client Profiles is already working on software deals with clients at discount costs to help Californian lawyers working with death row inmates.Whit was inspired after hearing a CSR talk at Clifford Chance, who are following or mirroring their clients, like UBS and Credit Suisse in matching funds that employees give to charity to help their local communities.

Client Profiles grew 29% in 2007 and Whit believes their Microsoft alliance has helped them really reach the top. “Its because they have 20,000 sales people and 4,500 partners working full time on all their products.” He points out, underlining the opportunity such an alliance would create for a tech vendor. Client Profiles have made great strides in the UK market also recently partnering with well known reseller and consultant TFB.

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