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Citywealth was founded in 2005 with the purpose of bringing together ultra-high net worth clients and their advisers and managers working in the private wealth sector. Citywealth achieves this with a mixture of publications, events, training and networking groups which bring together different segments of the market to develop contacts, build business and raise standards in the sector.


This website contains news, reviews, profiles and a large back catalogue of articles going back to 2005 when Citywealth was launched. 

Cityweath Publications

Citywealth Weekly newsletter

A mid-week roundup of news and exclusive expert comments on the latest trends in the private wealth industry, delivered straight into readers’ mailboxes. The Weekly is distributed to over 12,000 subscribers across the financial sector.

The Citywealth Leaders List

Used by more than 3,000 leading advisers and managers in the private wealth sector, Citywealth Leaders List is kept as a reference tool. The online version is updated on a regular basis, whilst the printed edition is published once a year. Recommended names must submit two peer or client references which are verified by Citywealth. 2017 saw the launch of a new website,, that brings new features, such as case studies, star ratings and client reviews.

Citywealth IFC Powerwomen Top 200 List

The IFC Powerwomen Top 200 list celebrates female professionals from diverse backgrounds who are blazing a trail in the private wealth industry. It recognises powerful women of achievement who are opinion-formers, helping to promote business excellence in their home jurisdiction and consolidating the reputations of the financial services industry globally.

Citywealth Future Leaders List

The Future Leaders list is our annual feature of the young rising stars in the private wealth industry. It highlights professionals under 40 in investment management, law, trust and private banking sectors in the UK and the IFC’s. All the professionals included in the guide are recommended by their directors, senior peers, or clients. Although they are still in the early stages of their careers, these recommendations recognise the years of studies and hard work that enabled them to reach this position.


Citywealth Events

The International Financial Centre Awards

Launched in 2012, the Citywealth IFC Awards have been established to highlight the excellence of the advisers and managers in the private wealth sector in offshore jurisdictions. The event attracts over 200 attendees from fifteen different countries. It is an ideal platform for investment managers to meet international trustees. Attendees in 2016 included Appleby, Butterfield, Canaccord Genuity, Cazenove Capital, Coutts, Lombard Odier, Quilter Cheviot, and Rathbones. 

The Magic Circle Awards

2020 will be the fifteenth year of the Citywealth’s flagship event. Held each Spring, the Magic Circle Awards bring together more than 400 elite advisers and managers in the international wealth industry. In 2019, over 140 organisations from over twenty jurisdictions were represented, including the leading law firms, trust companies, family offices, tax advisers, investment managers and bankers to recognise the achievements of the industry during the past year.

The Powerwomen Awards

The Powerwomen Awards highlight the female leaders in the private wealth industry and celebrate individuals and companies who support caregiving responsibilities, female leadership, and promote diversity. The awards also create a platform for best practice and positive social influence on the sector. The event attracts over 180 attendees from blue-chip wealth management organisations. Attendees this year included Citi Bank, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, RBC, Stanhope and UBS. 

The Brand Management and Reputation Awards

The Citywealth Brand Management and Reputation Awards were launched after extensive consultation and research due to the rising importance of branding as a business differentiator and driver. It’s more than your logo, name or tagline. It has a real and distinct personality, an energy and attitude, character, behaviour, value system and code of ethics. 

The Future Leaders Awards

Now in their fifth year, the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards highlight the emerging talents in the wealth management sector. Although many of the winners are in their first or second jobs, their achievements, quality of their work, and reputation within the industry make them the leaders of tomorrow. 


Citywealth Networking Groups

Citywealth networking groups meet in London four times a year in the early evening. Each group has members from the leading London firms as well as members from the Channel Islands and Switzerland.

Citywealth Tomorrow Club

The Citywealth Tomorrow Club brings together the young high-flyers in the wealth industry. Membership has grown to over seventy organisation and 150 individuals representing leading banks, accountants, law firms, investment managers and family offices in the wealth sector. Members are in their first or second job and the group provides the opportunity to build contacts that are going to help them with work as their careers develop. The events also offer mentoring from industry heavyweights.

Citywealth WP

This club is aimed at connecting offshore trustees with London intermediaries and relationship managers. Citywealth WP provides a networking group that will help members build their profile and attract new clients and mandates.

Citywealth Powerwomen Club

Formerly known as Women in Wealth, Citywealth Powerwomen Club is an educational supper club for senior women in the wealth sector. Members are heads of private banking, heads of department, managing directors, senior partners in a law firm or equivalent – minimum level of experience in the private wealth sector is ten years to qualify for membership.

Citywealth Leaders List