UBS launches ‘Asset Wizard’

Date: 08 Jul 2019


UBS has launched ‘Asset Wizard’, a performance and risk analytics tool that enables Ultra-High Net Worth and institutional investors to stay on top of their entire portfolio across multiple custodians and locations. It seamlessly provides in-depth oversight across all bankable and non-bankable asset classes, such as private equity, venture capital, art, real estate, classic cars etc.

Last year, UBS’s Investor Watch research ‘Return on values’ found that 65 per cent of some of the world’s wealthy investors wanted to help create a better planet and many of these investors deliberately base their spending decisions, lifestyle habits and even career choices on the values they hold. UBS Asset Wizard’s sustainability lens allows clients to rate their investments across social, environmental and governance factors.

Stefan Flachsmann, Head of Asset Servicing, Europe at UBS Global Wealth Management, said: “UBS continues to invest in digital solutions that are core to helping our clients. With Asset Wizard, UBS’s Ultra-High Net Worth, Global Family Office and External Asset Manager clients are just two clicks away from comprehensive wealth oversight across all asset classes and banking relationships. It combines Fintech innovative flair with the financial expertise of UBS.”

“Transparency across all your assets is the first step in making really well-informed decisions about your investment strategy, tactics and risk management. With UBS Asset Wizard, clients will be able to see immediately whether their assets are in line with their values, which is particularly useful with the growing focus on ESG”, saidEva Lindholm, Head of Wealth Management UK & Jersey at UBS Wealth Management.

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