The UBS offering for charities

Date: 16 Nov 2007


UBS recently held their annual day for charity clients at the BAFTAS to update them on key investment issues and themes for 2008.

Here is a low down on them and their offering.

They are one of the largest managers of charitable assets in the UK, providing investment services for nearly 500 charities. They retain Professor Paul Palmer as consultant on charities to advise the team and clients on charity regulation, finance and management issues. Paul is a Professor at the Cass Business School, City University, and has specialised in charity governance issues for many years.

UBS is well regarded for its Community Affairs Programme and received a number of accolades, the more recent including:

• Business in the Community’s Jubilee Award 2007 – recognised UBS’s long-term and sustainable positive impact in Hackney, London over the last 20 years.
• Business in the Community – Big Tick 2007
• Award for Highest Impact on London 2007
• City of London Dragon Award 2006
• UK Charity Awards – Deptford Green School (2006) – recognised for an outstanding partnership with Deptford Green School over a period of 15 years.

UBS offer charities the following

• cash management
• medium and long-term investment portfolios
• targeted return strategies
• structured products offering defined risk/return profiles
• lending.

And act for charities in these sectors by percentage

23% Education
24% General purposes
15% Health
15% Religious activities
13% Social care and development
3% Accommodation
1% Business
6% Culture and recreational

Source: UBS Wealth Management, UBS Gobal Asset Management, UBS Wealth Management UK Ltd as at 30 June 2007.

For further information about UBS’ investment services for charities, please contact:

Andrew Pitt
Executive Director, UBS
+44 (0)20 7568 7835

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