Stanhope Capital’s CEO and co-founder Daniel Pinto acquires shares of co-founder Julien Sevaux

Date: 26 Jan 2017


Daniel Pinto, co-founder and CEO of Stanhope Capital

The co-founder of Stanhope Capital is selling his 27.5% stake in the wealth management firm to Daniel Pinto, Stanhope’s co-founder and CEO. Sevaux will launch a new, specialist venture focusing on equity investments.

He will remain a member of Stanhope Capital’s Investment Committee and will keep his day-to-day, client management responsibilities going forward. His family intends to remain a client of the firm.

Sevaux’s new investment management business, which he plans to launch later this year, will not focus on diversified portfolios similar to Stanhope Capital’s model.

Stanhope was founded in 2004 by Daniel Pinto and Julien Sevaux and has since grown to become one of the largest private investment offices in Europe, overseeing over $9.5 billion on behalf of private clients and charities around the world.

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