Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors – a heads up on some of their work

Date: 02 Nov 2007


Judy Belk who is Senior Vice President at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers, spoke at a cross border estate, financial and asset planning conference is LA. Judy has written and lectured extensively on organizational ethics, race, and social change.

Here is some brief information about the organisation and their projects.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers say that philanthropy is growing sharply: over the past ten years Rockefeller have managed over $850 million in grants to over 40 countries.

The Bridge Fund is one of the Rockefellers projects and they serve as fiscal sponsor to the fund. The Dali Lama has endorsed it and its main aim is to support needs in Tibet. For it:

*Rockefeller hired twenty native Tibetan advisors to monitor and suggest projects.
*Formed a partnership with the China Charity Federation.
*Focused on needs without involving politics.

They’ve given $8 million in grants. Attracted further donations from governments and individuals and given meaningful donations including a yak and goat loan fund (where farmers borrow animals to help them get started).

Interesting faith stat: 35.5% of philanthropic donations made in the US go to religious groups.

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