Power Women special: Jane Keir, Kingsley Napley LLP

Date: 23 Apr 2015


Jane Keir, Senior Partner at Kingsley Napley LLP, has won the Editor’s choice awards in 2015.

What major transaction/deal have you been involved in in the last quarter?

I seem to be doing more Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements for clients since the decision in Radmacher made them much more effective. Increasing numbers of parents and family trustees are seeking advice as to the long-term protection of family wealth and I think that the tide has now turned in their favour.

Remind us of a great man who have been supportive of you in your career.

Christopher Murray ‚Äì my former Senior Partner and predecessor at Kingsley Napley LLP. He first told me several years ago that I could do the Senior Partner’s job when I did not give it a second thought. He was very generous and unselfish and he gave me the confidence and self-belief to take on the role. It’s amazing what we can do to encourage and support junior colleagues and I try to replicate his example whenever I can.

How did winning the Power Women award impact your career or personal life?

I was honoured to receive the Editor’s Choice Award in 2015. I see it as all part of giving something back, whether it is mentoring for women in the legal profession or junior staff to take the next step on the career ladder. It has given me something to live up to!

Why should people, both women and men, enter the awards this year?

I think we all benefit from seeing what great people we work with across the whole spectrum of professional and financial services. It is good to acknowledge and celebrate success especially in those categories where there are common goals and objectives such as mentoring and creating change for women.

Changing the topic slightly, what does your organisation do to encourage individuals from BME community to learn about your organisation?

Kingsley Napley has an inclusive and supportive culture. Our diversity and inclusion group uses career fairs, blogs and social media to engage on key diversity issues, e.g. “pursuing a career in law without labels‚Äù. We participate in mentoring and work experience schemes such as Pathways to Law, and offer support to our relevant nominated charities (e.g. Boxing Academy) to encourage social mobility and careers in law for all.

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