Outstanding Individual of the Year: Winner: Daniel Martineau, Summit Trust Intl

Date: 11 Jul 2012


Top photo: Igor Ishchenko. Head of Wealth, Russian Commercial Bank, Daniel Martineau, Executive Chairman, Summit Trust International and host.

Bottom photo: Karen Jones, Editor, Citywealth with Rt Hon David Mellor QC

Daniel Martineau worked in management positions for leading trust companies in Canada prior to taking up roles in offshore trust companies in Nassau, Jersey and Geneva, with Coutts Int’l Private Bank. With his dynamic team who include Stella Mitchell Voisin, Robin Lee Smith and Claire Usher Wilson, Martineau is always ahead of the game. He has constantly championed transparency for trusts operating in Switzerland.

In November 2011 the Summit Trust Int’l business sold a 65% stake to Sanlam Private Investments. Daniel Kriel, CEO of Sanlam Private Investments explains why “Summit Trust is an exceptional, owner-managed business.‚Äù
Cityweath Editor, Karen Jones said “Martineau offers an intelligent, Rolls Royce service which has stood out head and shoulders above the rest. He maintains integrity and a sense of humour coupled with extensive knowledge of dealing with wealthy clients and families. We are delighted with his win.‚Äù

Citywealth’s next major event is the Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards in January 2013. The awards are now open for submissions. The event is now in its second year and will be held at the Landmark Hotel on 24th January 2013. Closing deadline for submissions is 31st August 2012.

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