Magic Circle Awards Special: Richard Wilson, Senior Partner, TLT Solicitors

Date: 09 Apr 2015


What was the pivotal moment in your career?

The pivotal moment must be my meeting with the first senior partner who was the legend amongst the Greek shipping community in London. He taught me a great deal of what to do and what not to do.

When I would rush in as a young solicitor, worrying that the clients were not doing what I thought is the right thing, he always said to me: “Richard, you can only advise but it’s the clients who make the decision.” So that was the message he taught me at an early age.

What does being shortlisted for the Magic Circle Awards mean to you?

I am very honoured, of course, and flattered. In this stage of my career, which must be coming to an end although I have absolutely no intention of retiring, it is nice to be recognised by one’s peers. I operate in a very narrow and restricted area but it has been a fascinating career and I am extremely lucky to have worked with my clients.

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