Jersey law firm, Baker & Partners, hires world class liquidator to new London office

Date: 01 Jun 2020


Marcus Wide has joined Baker & Partners as a Consultant at the firm’s recently opened London office. A chartered accountant, his career history spans multinational insolvency and fraud involving asset tracking and recovery and litigation in onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

Baker & Partner Jersey london marcus wide

Baker & Partners acts for foreign governments, NGOs, multinational corporations and private individuals in some of the most complex and high value offshore disputes, including political corruption, forfeiture and judgment enforcement actions. His experience as a forensic accountant will further enhance the firm’s fraud and asset recovery practice, bringing and defending major international civil fraud claims and asset recovery actions before the Jersey courts.

Before joining the firm, Marcus acted as the Joint Liquidator of Stanford International Bank (SIB), based in Antigua, which represented the second largest Ponzi scheme in history (after the Madoff frauds) worth US$8 billion and affected over 20,000 depositors. The SIB liquidation involved a complex asset recovery effort across the world, including Antigua, the BVI, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Colombia, and also resulted in accessory liability claims again numerous financial and advisory firms for dishonest assistance.

He has previously held the role of Managing Director at Grant Thornton in the BVI and Partner at PwC in Canada. His career, spanning more than 40 years, has seen him act as the Liquidator or Receiver of more than 35 financial service companies, requiring asset recovery and litigation in 40 separate onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

His appointment follows those of Stephon Grey, Head of Forensic and Investigatory Services, and Gerard Clarke, Senior Counsel, outside of Jersey and marks the firm’s continued expansion.

Stephen Baker, Senior Partner of Baker & Partners, commented:

“The appointment of Marcus, hot off the heels of Stephon Grey and Gerard Clarke’s hires, perfectly illustrates how focused we are on continuing to expand our fraud and asset recovery practice to meet rising demand for this type of work.”

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