Introducing Citywealth’s Leaders List: Top Recommended Philanthropic Advisors 2021

Date: 22 Mar 2021


The discussion around philanthropy has moved on. Today’s philanthropists want to know how to achieve impact and align their philanthropy with their ESG investments. It’s a complicated field whereby donors require guidance, structure and a way of capturing results. At the heart of this movement are philanthropic advisors who are dedicated to helping donors clarify their goals and create a strategic approach to meet their needs.

Demand for these advisors has escalated in recent years as the next generation question the purpose of their wealth and look to be engaged with their giving in a different way to the generation before them.

Citywealth’s Leaders List is pleased to unveil the Top Recommended Philanthropic Advisors 2021. These advisors across the UK and US are the leading professionals in the field as decided by independent peer research conducted in early 2021.

In addition to the main ranking, we asked the advisors to share an insight into their career and passions in our ‘Meet the advisors‘ feature.

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