Former TV star turned communication coach Julia Goodman given philanthropy honour

Date: 12 Nov 2009


Former TV star turned communication coach Julia Goodman was given a special accolade at Dyslexia Action’s Annual Awards Dinner

Goodman, founder of coaching company Personal Presentation, has worked with Dyslexia Action since 1992. She has promoted the charity to her high-profile clients, mentored young offenders who have dyslexia, and chaired the organisation of one of the charity’s annual dinners, which raised hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Shirley Cramer, Chief Executive Officer of Dyslexia Action, says she is delighted Goodman will be honoured for her years of service.

“Julia is a valued supporter of Dyslexia Action and she has done some outstanding work for us across all areas – corporate, public and individual,” says Cramer.

“Julia’s enthusiasm and passion for the cause is infectious, which is invaluable. We wanted to recognise her professional achievements, but also to say thanks for her continued support.”

Personal Presentation has helped big names in business including those affected by dyslexia such as Theo Paphitis, who attended last night’s event, Guy Hands, and interior designer Mark Wilkinson.

She believes dyslexia can motivate those affected to achieve great things. However, for others it can result in a lifetime of underachievement and the resulting lack of opportunity can lead to crime and poverty.

“For me, it affected my self esteem in school which motivated me to prove myself and be recognised,” says Goodman.

“But if you struggle with literacy, you are more likely to struggle to get on in life and that’s why I work with young offenders to help them to communicate more effectively. It really boosts their self-esteem and confidence.”

Goodman first got involved with Dyslexia Action when she coached Liz Brookes, former executive director of the organisation.

“Liz was due to speak to the media for the first time so I helped her to prepare,” says Goodman.

“Through her, I learned about dyslexia and also about myself – and since that day I have tried hard to help people to work with their condition and reach their full potential.”

Dyslexia Action’s Annual Awards Dinner took place at The Dorchester Hotel in the presence of HRH The Countess of Wessex, Dyslexia Action patron. For more information about Dyslexia Action log on to

About Personal Presentation

Personal Presentation’s You Brand coaching methodology uses tools drawn from the world of professional acting and communication in tandem with psychological interventions. Personal Presentation was founded 20 years ago by well-known professional actress Julia Goodman.

Goodman runs courses with a team of fully-trained coaches with professional acting backgrounds. The full You Brand programme lasts four days and is spread over several weeks, although there are other bespoke programmes that can take place in one or two

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