ESG Update: latest GSS Bonds Quarterly Report is now available

Date: 25 Jan 2023

Silvia Ricciardi

New research from the ESG Advisory and Portfolio Analytics firm MainStreet Partners analyses the status of the Green, Social and Sustainability bonds market and what to expect moving forward.

London-based ESG Advisory and Portfolio Analytics firm MainStreet Partners has released its fourth quarterly Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds report. This edition focuses on the most important factors that are shaping the issuance of GSS bonds and the evolution of the market.

Since 2010, MainStreet Partners’ proprietary GSS bonds databases have provided a unique set of tools to investors to measure and manage sustainability risks and KPIs.

As a result, the 3 main products applicable to GSS securities are:

  • Bond Ratings – GSS bonds analysed according to a proprietary framework that focuses on issuer-specific and bond-specific factors.
  • Impact Results – impact data reported by GSS bond issuers aggregated and normalized, based on a set of environmental and social variables.
  • EU Taxonomy Alignment – environmental projects financed by GSS bonds measured against the regulatory criteria. Like ‘Bond Ratings’ and ‘Impact Results’, the data can be aggregated at portfolio level and provide a quantitative indication of its sustainability.

The report provides an extensive overview of 2 relevant trends: trends in GSS fund reclassifications, as well as trends in Green Bond’s use of proceeds, focussing on the boom in the Electric Vehicles market.

Link to the report: GSS Bonds Market Trend Report by MainStreet Partners / Q4 2022

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