ESG initiative: The Global Returns Project to incorporate practical climate mitigation into mainstream investment activity

Date: 05 Oct 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

The Global Returns Project aims at incorporating practical climate mitigation into mainstream investment activity providing investors with an effective mechanism to directly regenerate the biosphere through their investment practices.

In the age of the climate crisis, the Global Returns Project tries to redefine the way investments and carbon offsets are categorised. With the Global Returns Portfolio they provide a portfolio of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profits tackling climate change, curated by experts, embedding the Global Returns Portfolio into every asset allocation strategy, sustainable investment fund and corporate sustainability policy.

The Global Returns Project has recently partnered with two IFAs in Leading Edge Wealth Planning and Southam Financial Planning, which allows their clients to exceed the impacts of ESG alone. They are ensuring their clients recognise that bold climate action is a rational investment decision which makes all investments safer over time.

But the firm is also partnering with a diverse range of financial institutions. Their partnership with ESG Accord means that the Global Returns Project is introduced to more organisations in sustainable finance advice conversations. Partnering with Octo Members, the first app-based private community for UK financial services professionals, ensures that financial services professionals are kept informed on how they can easily mitigate the climate crisis. The same can also be said of Overstory Finance, as they develop advisory conversations with IFAs, looking to better deliver on the sustainability aims of their clients.

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