EdenTree launches two new funds focused on the Green Revolution

Date: 08 Feb 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

EdenTree Investment Management haslaunched two new funds togive investors the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable global economy.

EdenTree are pioneers in responsible and sustainable investing, having launched one of the first ethical equity funds in the UK, in March 1988.

EdenTree has launched the EdenTree Green Future Fund (GFF), which aims to invest, globally, into companies that provide genuine solutions to the world’s environmental challenges.

The GFF, which will be co-managed by Charlie Thomas, EdenTree’s Chief Investment Officer, and Tom Fitzgerald, Fund Manager, has been designed to help investors position their portfolios to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. The managers, who have over 30 years’ combined experience in sustainable and responsible investing, cite unprecedented demand from investors for future-focused portfolios that seek to address environmental challenges.

The approach and goalsof this fund have been developed to provide investors with exposure to companies with strong growth prospects and that aim to contribute positively to a green economy that will re-shape the global economy, shift social priorities and drive new and innovative business models.

The managers will take a long-term investment approach, developing a portfolio of between 40 and 60 companies that aims to provide investors with exposure to seven key themes running through the fund which will define the future economy: circular economy, future mobility alternative energy, water management energy efficiency, regenerative agriculture and environmental services.

EdenTree has also launched the EdenTree Global Impact BondFund (GIB), which aims to generate a positive societal impact by investing in a global set of ‘impact-oriented’ fixed income instruments.

The GIB Fund builds on EdenTree’s existing responsible fixed income range and will be managed by David Katimbo-Mugwanya, Senior Fund Manager, and Michael Sheehan, Fund Manager, who bring 15 years’ combined investment experience. The managers will operate with a remit that reflects both the global investment universe and the international nature of the challenges that the fund seeks to address.

The core philosophy of the fund is to drive capital towards issuers that make a net-positive impact, leveraging public debt markets to help finance entities investing in projects that tangibly benefit the environment and societies around the world whilst operating responsibly and sustainably.

Investment decisions will integrate impact objectives with fundamental credit research, assessed at the issuer level for both ESG-labelled debt including sustainable bonds as well as for non-labelled debt. The fund will be benchmarked against the iBoxx Global Green, Social, Sustainability Index (GBP base currency).

Impact credentials therefore sit at the heart of the fund’s investment process and are subject to EdenTree’s proprietary screening methodology.

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