DIVERSITY: Powerwomen Club presents SPONSORSHIP: Moving on from mentoring

Date: 02 Oct 2019


Confirmed speakers so far include:

Allyson Zimmermann, Executive Director, Europe, Middle East &Africa, Catalyst. A recognised authority on issues including the gender pay gap she contributes to the Huffington Post and London School of Economics. She is a speaker on engaging men, inclusive leadership and leadership engagement.

Frank Varela, CEO,V&P Global. A headhunter for thirty years. “The difference between men and women in the City is: men answer a call to a headhunter to understand the market and their worth; women ignore them.‚Äù

Ann Francke,CEO, Chartered Management Institute. She has held Executive Board positions at Boots and Yell and was European President at Mars.

Mandu Reid, Leader, Women’s Equality Party. Mandu is the first Black woman to lead a UK political party. She has 15 years of public sector experience across a breadth of policy areas and disciplines and is committed to social justice and gender equality.

Moderator. Karen Jones, CEO, Citywealth. Karen has completed the Oxford University Women in Leadership exec management; taken female leadership advice from the London School of Economics Professors for her own female services and products and run a successful business supporting women in financial services for more than ten years.

On Wednesday 16 October 2019, Citywealth’s Powerwomen Club will be hosting a lunchtime panel discussion on the difference between being a mentor and a sponsor; how a sponsor is instrumental in pulling strings to bring success for others. The difference is more directive: being that person behind the scenes who brings women forward; identifying stars in your organisation and their traits and how to leverage and copy them; How to identify a sponsor? Making the relationship work both ways. We’ll be debating all these questions and more whilst also enjoying a lunch and time for networking with peers.

To celebrate women supporting women with their career advancement, we’re offering a special offer until 10 July, 2019.

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