Cyprus cryptocurrency fund ARK36 promotes Anto Paroian to Executive Director and CEO

Date: 06 Sep 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

The Cyprus-based leading alternative investment cryptocurrency fund Ark36 has announced that Anto Paroian has been promoted to Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Ark36 AIFLNP VCIC Ltd, the Cyprus-based leading alternative investment cryptocurrency fund with limited number of persons, has announced today that it has promoted Anto Paroian to Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, the firm has also promoted Despina Saphiris to Executive Director and Risk Manager, Tetyana Martynenko to MLCO Officer and Christos Krokides to Portfolio Manager.

ARK36 brought in Anto Paroian in September of last year as Chief Operating Officer to utilise his 13 years of hedge fund, private equity, real assets and almost 20 years of financial experience to help elevate ARK36 from a start-up to a globally recognised alternative investment fund.

Since joining ARK36, Anto Paroian has made it his mission to use his experience in due diligence and data analytics from previous roles, including where he formed and led the Data Analytics Team at the London based independent alternative assets consultancy firm called Albourne Partners, to revamp the team’s mindset and culture to align with the values of an alternative investment fund instead of a start-up company.

Until now, Anto Paroian’s role has also consisted of head-hunting high calibre individuals within the industry to add value to the ARK36 family and to streamline existing processes to ensure they rival the standards of other world-renowned investment firms. Anto Paroian will now seek to expand the ARK36 team further as the business plans to go through a hiring phase in the coming 6-8 months and to fill between 4-6 positions, mainly in the investor relations and administration departments.

ARK36 Non-Executive Chairman, Mikkel Morch, commented:

Anto is a huge asset to our team at ARK36. In less than twelve months, he has reshaped our business from being a start-up to a serious player recognised within the global investment industry. I’m confident that he will continue to excel as CEO.”

ARK36 Executive Director & CEO, Anto Paroian, commented:

ARK36 is an impressive business that I feel is shaping to become a world-leading cryptocurrency and asset management organisation. There is still much work to be done for us to get there, which is why I’m looking forward to taking on the next challenge as the firm’s CEO.”

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