Citywealth Winter Roundup – All the features from January to March 2023

Date: 04 Apr 2023

Silvia Ricciardi

From the latest trends around philanthropy and succession planning to updates on the rise of lifetime gift litigation and focuses on African UHNW individuals and Singapore – all the features published on from January to March 2023.

Citywealth welcomed 2023 with an Editorial Calendar full of insightful features digging into hot topics in order to offer in-depth analyses directly from the best industry experts in the private wealth management sector.

From the latest trends around philanthropy and succession planning to updates on the rise of lifetime gift litigation and focuses on African UHNW individuals and Singapore and of course in-depth interviews to the IFC and Powerwomen Awards 2023 winners – below all the features published on from January to March 2023.

Trend wealth: where is wealth coming from?

January started off with Trend wealth: where is wealth coming from?. With the global market becoming increasingly connected and the younger generation being more tech savvy, where is the new wealth being generated? Citywealth welcomed the new year interviewing international experts. We had a look at new trends and where they came from geographically. We also analysed differences comparing present trends with traditional choices.

Philanthropy and succession planning


January saw also the publication of Philanthropy and succession planning where Citywealth put a magnifying glass on the philanthropic sector, looking at possible trends for 2023. What is the response from UHNW and HNW individuals in the long run? How to make sure the ultimate goal is reached? With a focus on succession, Citywealth dug into how charitable projects are managed to ensure they continue after their founders’ death.

IFC Awards 2023: Spotlight on Boutique Law Firm of the Year

After the success of the IFC Awards 2023, Citywealth focused on some of the companies which were shortlisted for Boutique Law Firm of the Year. We learnt more about how the firms were developing internal talent and what innovative services had been recently implemented for their clients. We also dug into the organisation’s leadership, vision and culture to better understand what made them the best boutique law firms of the major International Financial Centres.

The rise of lifetime gift litigation

In The rise of lifetime gift litigation we talked about the reasons behind challenging lifetime gifts and useful advice for UHNW and HNW individuals who want to proceed, as well as time limits to act on it.

For this article, Citywealth wants to thank its contributors: Paula Myers, Partner and Director of Legal Services for private clients at Irwin Mitchell, James Lister, Head of Private Wealth Disputes at Stevens & Bolton, Gareth Ledsham, Partner, Trust and Estate Disputes, Russell Cooke and Shu Mei Hoon, Director, Dispute Resolution at Drew & Napier in Singapore.

Family businesses: struggles around succession

An increasingly tech-filled world is having an impact on all sectors and family businesses are not exempt. With the piece Family businesses: struggles around succession, Citywealth dwelled on the issues that arise when working on succession planning and when heirs don’t wish to stay in the traditional family business, looking at what to do in the long-term outlook.

African UHNW individuals

As fintech has grown in the entrepreneurial region of Africa managed by US-based investors, the rise of African UHNW individuals has become a phenomenon. We spoke with experts who shared insights on the rise of African UHNW individuals, as they boast clients who either are African UHNWIs or are doing business with African companies.

Property and life insurance: issues for UHNWIs

property insurance

What are the latest updates in the property sector? Is it true that the market is re-considering how to deal with increased use of life insurance and how are UHNWIs coping with the changing landscape? Citywealth interviewed experts to have a close look at the property and life insurance market in Property and life insurance: issues for UHNWIs.

The winners of the Powerwomen Awards 2023 – London

Citywealth put under the spotlight the Powerwomen Awards 2023 winners who not only have had a successful career progression but have also been active, together with their firms, in maximising the potential of women in wealth. We thank Charlotte Hill, Penningtons Manches Cooper – Woman of the Year – FinTech/Crypto Innovation – UK – GOLD Award, Laura Knight, Andersen – Career Initiative – BRONZE Award, Gwenllian Le Blond, IQ-EQ – Woman of the Year – Future Leaders – Senior Associate/SVP – IFC – SILVER Award, Alex Gardner, Affinity – Woman of the Year – Business Growth (Boutique) – BRONZE Award.

Singapore’s star rises

As the private wealth industry is witnessing a marked rise in interest and relocation to Singapore, in Singapore’s star rises Citywealth interviews private wealth experts to understand what is bringing business to the city-state and what can be envisaged for 2023.

Private debt: A global overview

Private debt: A global overview – With the development of new products, like Blackstone’s institutional private credit platform for individual investors, we look at the private debt market, its benefits and the impact of regulation, considering the opportunities available for private client investors and investment managers as private debt remains in demand.

Written by Silvia Ricciardi

Citywealth is currently working on engaging features for the Editorial Calendar Q2 2023 and will soon publish it.

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