Citywealth website: What are people searching for?

Date: 17 Nov 2006


Citywealth is now hauling in around 1,000 unique visitors a month looking for information on you. The top ten requests we received for information in October were:

1.Family Office

2.Divesh Makan, Goldman Sachs, US

3.Satish Chatwani

4.Edition 26 Zoo do issue

5.Lewis Watts, SG Hambros

6.Matteo Alessi

7.Walbrook Trustees, Jersey

8.Family offices in New York

9.Tony Crowe, AIB

10.Sphere Trustees, Guernsey

In November the top three requests so far were

1.The Hon Mark Bridges

2. Malcolm Glaister, JP Morgan

3. Daniel Pinto, Stanhope Capital

Of all the lists onthe website, the Channel Islands list is by far the most searched and downloaded.

60% of traffic is from the UK, 25% from the US, 10% is split between Canada, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg and 5% comes from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and China.

Googalists being referred to Citywealth are asking for phrases like “Josh Rubenstein and private client”, “Ceris Gardner”, “Paula Higgleton.” Virtus Guernsey”, “Georg Von Segesser.” and “Investment and Monaco.”

The top three reviews on the website are the Citywealth Los Angeles flyer, The Channel Islands Top 100 list and the Citywealth media kit.

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