Citywealth Roundup – All the features from January to March 2022

Date: 05 Apr 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

Citywealth welcomed 2022 with an editorial calendar full of insightful features digging into several topics and sectors in order to offer in-depth analyses directly from industry experts.

From detailed interviews with some of the winners from the Powerwomen Awards 2022 and Future Leaders Awards 2021 to articles around divorce trends, reputation management and privacy, US wealth trends, art and sustainability, immigration and private jets – below all the features published on from January to March 2022.

‘Til divorce us do part

The New Year started off with ‘Til divorce us do part, signed by Citywealth’s Editor and CEO Karen Jones. Including the point of view of some UK family lawyers, the feature focused on divorce with thoughts on if it can be considered a seasonal move according to the experts who support UHNW divorcees through the court process to help with the emotional and physical onslaught and/or specialize in divorces for family businesses.

Citywealth Future Leaders Part I and Part II

The end of January and beginning of February saw two special interviews published by Citywealth’s new Deputy Editor Silvia Ricciardi. The aim of Citywealth Future Leaders Part I and Citywealth Future Leaders Part II was to discuss how successful young leaders in the wealth sector are managing the workload in the present scenario, talking about relationships with clients and juniors as well as current challenges and changes.

Future Leaders Awards 2022: Citywealth welcomes its seventh-year awards programme to champion young professionals in the wealth sector and highlight the leaders under forty of today and tomorrow.

Entries can be made either by individuals themselves or their employer.

Enter now – Entries Deadline: 15th April 2022

Reputation Management and Privacy: I love thee not

How has technology impacted the reputation and privacy of individuals as well as companies? Can people recover from substantial reputational damage? With Reputation Management and Privacy: I love thee not threats, trends and technology around reputation management and privacy were at the centre of discussion with insights from our Leaders List experts, Rachel Atkins, Partner at Schillings, Amber Melville-Brown, Global Head of Media and Reputation and Partner at Withers, Dominic Crossley, Partner at Payne Hicks Beach and Chris Scott, Senior Partner at Slateford.

US Wealth Trends 2022

With financial analysts trying to predict what 2022 will look like globally, Citywealth placed a magnifying glass on the United States, dwelling upon its wealth trends. US Wealth Trends 2022 aimed at understanding from experts in the legal marketplace the service offerings which have the potential to become cornerstones of the US wealth management business. SPACs, digital and non-digital trends, crypto-investments and data privacy were among the topics analysed by Joshua Rubenstein, who chairs Katten’s national and international Private Wealth Department from New York, Stephanie Moll Kriegel, Partner at Harrison & Held, and Jennifer J. Wioncek, head of Bilzin Sumberg’s Tax and Wealth Planning Group.

Art and Sustainability: evolving trends and established traditions

Art and Sustainability: evolving trends and established traditions was published on 1st March 2022 where Leaders List experts in the art sector were interviewed to decipher how the global art market has responded to imposing digital assets. Ariel Sergio Davidoff, Partner at LINDEMANNLAW, Andrew Bruce, Barrister at Serle Court, Hetty Gleave, Partner at Fladgate LLP and Amanda Gray, Partner-Art Law at Mishcon de Reya examined trends and traditions in the art market, giving their overview on Crypto Art, NFTs and benefits compared with risks of digital art.

Break The Bias with the Powerwomen 2022 winners

To celebrate International women’s Day Citywealth yearned to put under the spotlight the Powerwomen 2022 winners who not only have had a successful career progression but have also been active in maximising the potential of women in wealth. Break The Bias with the Powerwomen 2022 winners saw the participation of Ariane Slinger (Ace International SA), Woman of the Year – Business Growth (Boutique) – GOLD Award, Claudia Suter (Homburger), Woman of the Year – Business Growth (Mid-size) – GOLD Award, Jane Parry (Canaccord), Woman of the Year – Business Services (SME) – GOLD Award and Petra Posnikova (VAR Capital), Woman of the Year – Rising Star.

UK Immigration Focus 2022

The current UK immigration regime was at the centre of the feature UK Immigration Focus 2022. Going through the different visa types existing (and not existing anymore) in the UK, our Leaders List’s experts working for Payne Hicks BeachFladgate LLPLaura Devine Immigration and Philip Jones Legal gave advice to individuals and businesses who want to make the UK their home to better understand the present situation and what to expect from the future of the UK immigration regime.

Private Jets in the Public Eye

March ended with Private Jets in the Public Eye, an article where experts from the aviation sector discussed the process from an initial interest in luxury aircraft to the concrete acquisition, addressed the advantages and disadvantages of chartering instead of purchasing, went through different ownership models and tax treatment, and analysed ambitions and goals of UHNW individuals.

Citywealth is currently working on engaging features for April and will soon publish the Editorial Calendar Q2 2022.

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