Citywealth crypto report

Date: 13 Feb 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

Bitcoin is the brand story but there are many other stories within the crypto sector: trading; lending; start-up’s; staking; nft’s and ICO’s. Starting in the digital world it seemed to be hidden from the real world but then life happened. Social media like TikTok introduced Stocktokers; Elon adopted bitcoin then dropped it then settled on Doge. Bloomberg followed his every tweet. This helped engage the real world, government and corporates as lawyers became involved to tackle the problem of investors plus an unregulated industry. Governments took note; a world of SEC high profile litigation arrived; Crypto natives needed to protect themselves for many reasons: against litigation; taxes; IP; crime; hacks and losses. In addition wealthy investors and family offices started to drive interest in bitcoin as its price long term has increased which pushed wealth managers and trustees to work with the industry. As understanding grows of the fintech sector we now find a growing group of crypto advisors who are able to assist, which has traditionally not been the case.

The main complaint from crypto natives was a lack of knowledge; the advisors featured here are skilled and helping the biggest and best crypto natives in the world. We are delighted to introduce their thoughts; work and services with the first Crypto report. We included court cases which are helping set case law; books; conferences and a whole host of intel to allow the private client and wealth management industry to join the crypto world easily. This is the foundation of a new product from Citywealth which will offer annual accreditation to crypto natives and the private client industry to enable trustees; family offices and institutional clients to have a further touchpoint on reliable actors.

You can download a small taster of the report by clicking here

The full report is here (brief registration and it will be sent by wetransfer)

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