Cape Town is the latest location of CV Labs in its global expansion

Date: 13 Jul 2022

Silvia Ricciardi

CV VC Founders at Cape Town University, Mathias Ruch, Co Pierre George (Uni Of Cape Town), Olaf Hannemann, Lorenz Furrer

Dedicated Swiss blockchain investor Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) and its ecosystem company CV Labs have opened CV Labs Cape Town, the African region’s first in situ blockchain incubation and ecosystem hub. As an initiator of Crypto Valley, Switzerland – the world’s most mature blockchain hub, with an admirable regulatory landscape and 14 blockchain Unicorns, the opening of CV Labs Cape Town is a result of CV Labs actioning its renowned expertise to enable blockchain as a transformative tech in Africa. CV Labs already has blockchain hubs in Switzerland (Zug) and Liechtenstein (Vaduz). This new hub in Africa will soon be followed by an opening in Germany (Berlin). This expanding global footprint is exciting for the global blockchain startup scene and is a testament to CV Lab’s growth and the strength of its international team.

As a blockchain investor and builder of international startup ecosystems, CV VC & CV Labs commits to investing in the broader applicability of blockchain technology to solving problems and creating new markets beyond crypto. In Africa, CV VC has:

  • Invested in 12 African startups
  • Published the African Blockchain Report
  • Opened CV Labs Cape Town
  • Begun formation of an African Blockchain Early Stage Fund

CV Labs Cape Town is the first dedicated place in Africa that will enable blockchain startups to flourish and intends to be the heartbeat of the African blockchain ecosystem. The launch and networking event was attended by luminaries in the blockchain space, including educators from the University of Cape Town and co-hosts Standard Bank, Polygon, and Binance. 

The opening of CV Labs Cape Town is a culmination of Switzerland and South Africa’s engagement with blockchain technology in the ambit of bilateral education, research, and innovation cooperation which began in 2019. It follows last week’s SECO visit to the Universities of Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, and Cape Town, highlighting the continuation and growth in the South African-Swiss collaboration around blockchain technology. SECO is the Swiss government`s center of excellence for all core issues relating to economic policy. 

Gideon Greaves, MD CV VC Africa, said:

Our commitment to Africa is to enable blockchain startups to catalyze greater socio-economic wellbeing for its people and industries. Following our investment in 12 African startups, and publishing the inaugural African Blockchain Report in association with Standard Bank, CV VC has demonstrated its deep commitment to the region by opening the CV Labs Cape Town hub. We are equally excited about the forthcoming launch of our African Blockchain Early Stage Fund, which will allow global investors to invest alongside CV VC in African tech expertise”.

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