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Date: 27 Apr 2014


Help alleviate back, shoulder and knee pain with Mark R Fitness Personal Trainers

“Many people are walking around with some kind of muscle imbalance which can cause your gluteus muscle to not function properly causing lower back, shoulder and knee pain. When most people exercise they usually talk of stretching, core stability, strength work and warming up is good but there is a missing link that can be found on a biomechanics program like i-movefreely. This kind of bio mechanics program was previously only available to elite athletes and Olympians. These tried and tested series of techniques can be done within your training session at home or even at your desk for faster results. Intrinsic biomechanics is the science of how the body functions during movement and performance. So for the body to perform a movement a set of muscles will need to go to work to perform this movement while an opposing set of muscles relax to allow the movement. When this all works without dysfunction we have better movement and muscles that actually work so not only do we move more freely we also develop fewer injuries. Essentially what the biomechanics does is stop muscle or nerve tightness.‚Äù


Releasing the gluteus (butt) muscle

First sit on a chair and lift your knee towards your chest, clasp both hands behind your thigh. Press your leg into your hands with only 20% of your maximum effort. Hold for 20 seconds. Perform four sets on each leg. Make sure your leg doesn’t move

Next stretch your gluteus muscles

Lying on your back pull one knee into your chest using both hands. Hold for 20 seconds. Perform one set on each leg.

We now want to work the opposing muscle group to the gluteus the hip flexors. Lying on your back tie a resistance band around your foot and raise your knee in towards your chest or create some resistance with your hand placed on your thigh resisting your leg as it moves up toward your chest. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions. Perform one set.

Now we will work the gluteus muscles lying on your back with your knees bent lift your hips off the ground into a bridge exercise. Perform eight to ten repetitions. Perform one set.

This routine can be done without a warm-up before your training session or even at your desk with a bit of modification.

For this to begin to be effective you will need to perform at least four sessions .

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