Valentina Tacchino, head of private wealth management International, Kleinwort Benson

Date: 18 Sep 2015

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Kleinwort Benson provides wealth management services for private clients, families, business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the UK and globally. Suzanne Isaacs spoke to Valentina Tacchino, head of private wealth management International, who works at the bank`s headquarters in St George Street Mayfair. 

Can you give an outline of the bank and its character?

Kleinwort Benson is a very traditional and distinguished name in British private and merchant banking which looks after the investment needs and requirements of UK residents and non-resident clients.

How do you identify the characteristics of different clients?

These are clients who are might have arrived in the UK to stay for a few years, developing their business interest and family life in this country. They might have a very complex background in relation to their financial affairs. These are individuals who are attracted by the safe and secure life environment in the UK as well as its business friendliness

What would you say is your biggest challenge?

With the clients that are moving to the UK it is to help them understand what it means to settle here, from the small to the most important aspects. This is simply because as foreigners, they may not be used to certain UK rules. Of course I know what that feels like, as I am also a foreigner living and working in this country.

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