Our recent rebrand campaign was extremely successful on LinkedIn

Date: 24 May 2016

Bumblebee Design

Ghislaine Perry, group head of marketing at Brooks Macdonald talks about their rebanding.

What social media are you using?

Our two main social media platforms, used primarily for brand engagement and awareness, are LinkedIn and Twitter. Often we use different types of content that enable engagement with various types of followers on each platform.  LinkedIn, for example, is used primarily to promote our thought leadership and market commentaries. Our recent rebrand campaign was also very successful on LinkedIn. On the other hand, our presence on Twitter focuses more on highlighting our brand sponsorship and interacting with professional advisers in the lead up to our events.


What sets your brand apart in the private wealth industry?

We have three USPs that differentiate our brand in the industry: our people, our expertise and our commitment to excellent client service. We have heavily invested in training and development of our investment managers’ trainee programme that guarantees a consistent attitude towards our clients. We also have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry. Unlike many private wealth firms, all of our investment managers provide research functions. They are all experts in particular fields, and this depth of knowledge enables them to provide a first class service to our clients.


What third parties do you use to help with social media content, your brand and reputation?

In terms of social media listening, we use Hootsuite, Kantar Media, and Investis to track brand sentiment. We also work closely with our PR agency, MHP, to manage our brand’s reputation both online and offline.

We manage our social media content in-house and adopt an integrated marketing communications approach to our brand messaging.

We are, however, in the process of refining our social media access strategy and are reviewing dashboard systems so we can centralise the publication process in an efficient and compliant manner. This will enable more of our employees to represent our brand and help to build brand advocacy.


Tell us about your brand and its vision?

In April this year, we rebranded to launch a new corporate identity which unites all of our subsidiaries under one Brooks Macdonald brand to simplify our message. Before launching our new brand, we conducted extensive research which gave us first-hand insight into how we are perceived in the market. The common values to which clients referred centred on our high service levels, loyalty, culture and values.


How do you protect your organisation’s reputation?

To protect our reputation, we try to always deliver on our promises and we do not overclaim. All of the marketing communications content that we produce is written in-house and follows a strict approval process to mitigate reputational and regulatory risks and to keep messages on brand and compliant. We believe this is important for preserving our brand and consequently our reputation.


Brooks Macdonald are shortlisted in the Citywealth Brand Management and Reputation Awards. Vote here.