Younger and more entrepreneurial customers buy the Rolls Royce Wraith attracted by the most powerful engine RR have ever produced

Date: 10 Dec 2015


Andrew Ball, global corporate communications manager at Rolls Royce, also says they compete with helicopters and fine art rather than other cars for sales.

How do the UHNW clients structure their car collections?

In our experience, no two customers are the same and acquiring a luxury car is an emotional purchase for many. UHNW clients choose to own a number of cars to serve different needs, and when a client feels the time is right to reward their success with a Rolls-Royce, we find that we do not compete with other car manufacturers, rather we are in the company of yachts, helicopters, property and even fine art.

How do you keep UHNWIs engaged with your brand?

Since the launch of Ghost in 2009, people’s traditional perceptions of Rolls Royce cars has changed thanks to its more contemporary look. Wraith, our most modern Rolls-Royce model, took this further by attracting an increasingly younger and more entrepreneurial customer base, and our clients can also commission fully bespoke models that match their lifestyle requirements.

How does Rolls Royce embrace new technology?

In 2013 we introduced Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT) to our model Wraith which is a technology that uses GPS data linked to the gearbox to pre-select the correct gear for the terrain ahead.

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