The WOW Facial at Vie Aesthetics, Harley Street

19 July 2021

April French Furnell

Can a zero downtime facial really provide transformative results? Citywealth put the WOW Facial to the test at Vie Aesthetics in Harley Street.

The WOW Facial - named for the ‘wow’ you feel after the treatment - is an innovative, results-driven 6-stage facial which through its hyper-personalised set-up can treat a number of skin concerns. From early signs of ageing and fine lines, to dull-tired looking skin, your practitioner will discuss any concerns you have at the beginning of your treatment to ensure the facial is personalised for you.

The facial starts with a deep cleanse before a peel is applied to improve acne, oiliness, pigmentation, sun damage and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are multiple peels available and your therapist will select the right peel for you. During this part of the treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation but before it becomes too uncomfortable the peel is removed. The WOW Facial is recommended as a course for best results and for those visiting regularly the duration of the peel will be adjusted each time based on how your skin reacts.

Next up was the part I was most excited to try: the WOW fusion. Your practitioner makes up a personalised, sterile skincare solution made up of a unique cocktail to treat your skin type which is lightly stamped into the skin via a small medical device consisting of 20 very small (0.6mm) and very fine needles. The needles ensure the solution is deposited under the protective layer of the skin to make a dramatic difference to the hydration, condition and health of your skin. It also works by creating a small trauma which stimulates the production of collagen to create longer lasting results.

It’s the part of the facial which can be slightly uncomfortable, however it’s pure magic in terms of the results it can create. I personally didn’t find it painful and the best way I can describe it is by comparing it to the feeling of a ball-point pen being pushed into the palm of your hand.

Another great feature of the WOW Facial is that you can opt to have Botox added to your solution to address issues such as enlarged pores, rosacea and oily skin. The botox works by reducing sebum production. It takes around 14 days to work but I noticed within a week that my pores were already looking smaller and that my skin felt tighter around my eyes and forehead where I had asked the practitioner to focus.

After the WOW Fusion, it’s time to relax. You are treated to LED light therapy in either red for healing and collagen stimulation, blue for acne and surface inflammation, and green for sun damage, pigmentation and photo ageing; followed by WOW’s own facial mask to cool and soothe the skin, as well as hydrate.

At this point in the facial I was nervous to see whether my skin would be red from the treatment, but I was surprised to see that there was no redness at all, just glowing, smooth skin. The practitioner finished off my treatment by applying WOW SPF50 and I headed out of the salon embracing my new glow.

In the immediate few days after the treatment, I had a healthy glow and my skin felt tighter around my eyes. Two weeks on, and my pores are looking noticeably smaller. I experienced no flaking or peeling, and I’m still wearing little to no foundation and embracing my skin. 

The WOW Facial lives up to its name. A treatment with noticeable results but no downtime; the perfect facial treatment as the diary starts filling up with special occasions this summer.

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