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Date: 05 Mar 2014


Citywealth Magic Circle Awards: rules for voting

Citywealth Magic Circle Awards include a public or popular vote each year. This is unique to Citywealth and is propreitary software developed in 2008. Its aim is to allow the global private wealth industry to have their say. The voting represents “one judge” in the overall scoring.

This year we introduced a “captcha” programme to stop robot voting. It may make it more complicated but I hope you will understand it helps us keep the voting system pure. Simply fill in the letters shown during your registration to keep our voting system in order.

The voting is fast becoming more popular and it helps in many ways.

1. It gives you a reason to contact clients and peers with your good news
2. It engages the private wealth industry in the contest
3. It allows the industry to show support for your people and organisation
4. It helps keep your organisation and people top of mind for mandates and uhnw client referrals

Votes come from these sectors.

20% private clients, charities, family offices
31% banks, investment managers
41% lawyers
8% trustees


1. Organisations and people cannot vote for themselves because there is a clear conflict. If we see these votes we remove them and effectively the vote is lost.

2. Individuals can only access the voting system once. This is to prevent individuals returning again and again to cast the same votes.

3. Actively promoting your shortlist to clients and peers is allowed. Many organisastions will email their database or put email signatures with a “vote now” button. Some organisations don’t participate but will benefit from the overall drive to the voting system. The reason we allow this is it helps build the profile of the contestants with a multiple of peers and uhnw clients.

Voting will close at 5pm on 14th April 2014 to allow us to assess votes received and to enable our final calculations and administration of the Magic Circle Awards awards evening to begin.

Once the voting closes approximately two weeks before the main awards evening, the online votes are added up and the data is cleansed. We remove Hotmail and Yahoo addresses and also any votes from staff for their own organisations or people. The results are given to the judges for their consideration. Feedback from the judges over the years has shown that often this is in line with their own thinking. The judges are then asked for their final ranking on the shortlist. They can stay with their original choices or change them entirely. Often they make amendments at this stage after industry feedback.

The final results are then aggregated and the winners are announced on the awards evening. No results are revealed before the final gala which this year is on the 8th May 2014. The event attracts 400+ individuals from the private wealth global industry.

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