Viva Mayr Clinic, Klagenfurt, Austria: tackling burnout

Being a disciple of the Viva Mayr principles, it’s interesting to visit year on year and get deeper into the cure and Viva Mayr methods. This time, hoping to get away with my usual seven day turnaround, I sighed with some relief as my departure arrived. This is despite enjoying the location, the many improvements they have made to the hotel, the lovely warm weather and reading some great books. My doctor though had a novel idea. She advised a further two weeks following their mild clearing diet ‘to really do some good’ when I returned home. Gulp.

The downside of doing that especially if you have to travel or continue with a business schedule, is that you are simply the least fun imaginable because you just can’t indulge in anything. No puddings, no candy, no alcohol, in fact, no eating anything that doesn’t fit in with the type of food and rhythm that Viva Mayr impose (breakfast between 7-9am—a piece of goat cheese and spelt bread /lunch between 1-2pm (fish or meat and veg) and dinner—usually a thin soup between 6-7pm).

The mild clearing diet caused utter exasperation with friends and family but also gathered a few admiring comments from business colleagues for my stoic resolve. The upside of this longer cure time was that my skin turned into a silky softness that was very noticeable as though my entire body had renewed itself without a hint of body cream anywhere. However it is tough on you and tougher for those around you to follow this cure away from the clinic and can bring on a row or two.

Whilst at Klagenfurt, the usual tests were carried out on everything imaginable including hormones and vitamins and minerals which were all in the right averages to make me in very good condition. Despite this, I was jet lagged as many of us constantly are and so was prescribed, no exercise and early bedtime and rest in the day to prevent myself heading into a burnout situation, something that the Viva Mayr are now specialising in.

The Burn Out Phenomenon

Stress management – individual medical programs at Viva Mayr

The Viva Mayr clinic in Maria Wörth is now one of the leading destinations for burnout and stress related health problems. Dr. Harald Stossier and his medical team have seen a dramatic increase in stress related diseases between younger patients over the last five years something they are calling Burnout Syndrome .

Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Coping Strategies

Stress related diseases, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep pattern, depressions, headaches and cardiovascular problems are advancing and spreading quickly all over the modern world. Burnout is mostly considered a sign of weakness, exhaustion and frustration.
What is burnout – basic cause?

To manage exhaustion, burn out or stress related health problems efficiently, Viva believe that regeneration and relaxation are essential tools. “Exhaustion is a sign that you don’t spend enough time relaxing” explains Stossier.

“Today, stress is almost a prerequisite of being successful – However, prolonged severe stress has a negative and damaging impact on health and is an underlying factor in many modern diseases.”

“When faced with a situation that makes you stressed, your body releases chemicals, including cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenalin. These invoke the 'fight or flight' feelings that help us to deal with the situation. However, when you are in a situation that prevents you from fighting, or escaping, such as being on an overcrowded train, these chemicals are not used and their effects are felt by the body.”

“A build-up of adrenaline and noradrenalin increases blood pressure, heart rate, and the amount that you sweat. Cortisol prevents your immune system from functioning properly, as well as releasing fat and sugar into your blood stream. Stress is therefore responsible for weight gain.
Our ancestors, though subjected to extremely stressful situations, had time to recover and regenerate. In our busy modern lives, we have no time for relaxation or regeneration – this leads to exhaustion and then burnout where everything grinds to a halt. Stress in short sharp bursts is actually a positive thing – only when it is unremitting and chronic does it become a negative factor for health.

Everything has a rhythm – relaxation follows tension. Nature has a rhythm – day, week, month, and year. Our bodies have a rhythm – our heart beat. The rhythm of our breath is a measurement of our stress levels.

These rhythms affect one another and can be used today to diagnose diseases and determine stress factors. The measurement of heart frequency is an ideal tool to determine stress factors or stress load. When the rhythm is disturbed, there is no regeneration which results in stress.

If we do not regenerate when we are asleep at night, our health is at risk. Our bodies normally recover from everyday stress whilst we sleep – so we have to get enough sleep to enable us to cope with everyday stress. In fact, our regenerative capacity when we sleep at night contributes to longer life.

Another essential tool to distress your system is the individual F.X.Mayr alkalizing diet to help calming your system and lower high histamine levels.

Dr Stossier and his team offer the following therapies:
Alkalizing diet - fundamental change in eating habits
Hyperthermia therapy to boost immune system & vitality
Infusion therapy to distress the Adrenal glands
Stress testing with the Lüscher colour therapy & hypnoses
Individual regeneration training
Rediscover your individual rhythm, the importance of daily rhythms in our everyday life
Meditation & breathing exercises to improve and support heart rate variability
Craniosacral therapy treatments, to re-establish your own natural body rhythms and recover balance
Jacobson training and relaxation

The Viva Mayr team will design an extensive personal integrated treatment plan. Ideally you should stay fourteen nights (or if possible longer) to feel the benefits and being equipped with the important tools how to avoid unnecessary stress at work and also in your personal private life - and general lifestyle adjustment.