TwinFocus Expands Global Family Office Solution with M&A and Real Estate Advisory Services

Date: 04 Feb 2019


TwinFocus, the multifamily office for global ultra-high net worth professional investors, entrepreneurs, their families and other professional investors, has announced the launch of formal merger and acquisition (M&A) and real estate advisory services for their global ultra-high net worth client base.

The firm formally launches its M&A advisory presence days after helping its founding European client, Markerstudy Group, facilitate the £185 million acquisition of Co-op Insurance. Its new real estate advisory practice launches under the leadership of experienced real estate investor William Ward, who TwinFocus hired to help guide real estate investments Рsuch as those in Qualified Opportunity Zones Рas they become a more significant part of the overall investment portfolios of ultra-wealthy families.

“The old rules for managing significant wealth in silos do not work anymore. Investments, taxes, real estate, philanthropy and many other variables are increasingly becoming intertwined, and to efficiently steward wealth, this complex environment requires a comprehensive approach,” said Wesley Karger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TwinFocus. “We founded TwinFocus with this unique and comprehensive approach in mind and have always supported clients with tailored services that meet their individual needs. Putting these formal practices in place empowers us to deliver even greater results while extending our vision for what a multi-family office should be.”

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