Top 20 Cities for UK multi-millionaires

14 September 2012

According to WealthInsight research, there are just over 10,100 multi-millionaires in the UK (each with net assets of over US$30 million). These individuals have a combined wealth of US$1,113 billion. London is home to over 40% of these or 4,220 multi-millionaires, which is greater than the whole of France (3,800 multi-millionaires).

Manchester has the highest number of multi-millionaires (170 multi-millionaires) outside of London followed by Glasgow (158 multi-millionaires), Edinburgh (134 multi-millionaires) and then Birmingham (130 multi-millionaires).

According to WealthInsight analyst Andrew Amoils: “Despite being the 2nd largest city in the UK by population, Birmingham has a relatively low number of multi-millionaires when compared to the likes of Manchester and Glasgow”

Among UK counties, Greater Manchester (which includes Manchester, Bolton, Wigan, and Salford) has the highest number of multi-millionaires outside of London, with 374 multi-millionaires, followed by Surrey with 230 and Hertfordshire with 206.