Ten years younger with FX Mayr clinic: get back to your 20-something body

8 January 2013

Doing detoxes or undertaking diet regimes seems to be a fad of our modern times. But like all things, preoccupation with our bodies and looking good has a long history, with big names involved in treating the upper classes who would undertake “resting” with a diet regime. They included Dr Kellogg, now famous for cornflakes, and a man called Franz Xaver Mayr who may have invented the “detox”and now has international acclaim for his health system.
Being thin and handsome or gorgeous is now connected with many popularist diets: The 5:2, the Atkins, Weight Watchers and Slimfast. All will achieve an aim but are usually hard to stick to for long periods of time and for that reason are short-term in nature.
Visiting a clinic like FX Mayr, all temptation is removed and you are immersed in a week or more of body regeneration which includes a programme of massage including daily stomach massage, Pure vitamins, inner-body Epsom salt cleansing, personal training sessions, mud and colour jacuzzi baths, and doctor consultations with blood and urine tests and a diagnosis which is more thorough than thorough.
For those who are tired of diets and see this as one more food punishment, the good news is the clinic is hotel-like, the location is peaceful and beautiful and the inmates are all like-minded, which typically means well-to-do business people from London who like the good life.

A higher place
With a long history of looking after our tired, Blackberry and Barollo tormented bodies, FX Mayr is now set to improve its standards higher with the hire of a new head doctor, Dr Stefan Domenig who plans to tweak the already substantial and sophisticated offering into top of the world diagnostics that would suit any Olympic wannabe.
Domenig says he is focusing on details. “We have a new chef and will bring in new meals for guests as well as a considerably wider compliment of therapists which will include treatments like shiatsu and detox yoga. We want to focus on the physical body but add the mental health element as well. We want to tackle eating issues as well as the basic stuff like telling you to chew your food and sit at the table when eating. Our basics are enough, they are the bricks that build the house, but I believe adding homeopathy can improve our system.
“Many people want proof for homeopathy but Chinese medicine has existed for 4,000 years. We may not know why it works but we believe diagnosing each individual with a bespoke programme along with our basic method will see dynamic outcomes which can cure better than antibiotics. It needs to be done with great skill and attention to get the results we want and usually is about the dilution of the remedy being offered. There is a history of research in Austria (Medical Chamber of Austria) who have done trials so we have a solid start point to begin with – we can see what affects humans have to certain remedies already.”  

Get the rhythm
Dr Domenig says most people come to FX Mayr initially for weight loss but when they come back they understand more the system of resting and restoring the body. He reiterates their basic method “we believe the body needs rhythm. It needs to know when it is eating, so it is important to stick to a routine of say  8am, 1pm and 7pm.”
Domenig says this helps your brain and physical body be rested and relaxed about food. If you skip meals, you create friction in your whole system.  FX Mayr is also relentless about slow eating and sitting down properly at a table. There is no escape. The good news is gluten-free white bread is potentially part of your regime so you feel super, carb-naughty whilst eating very few calories.
Domenig says he wants our body to be in flow so yoga will become a bigger part of their offering. “It will make our guests feel more aware of their inner body.” He explains.
As well as your full body renewal, the FX Mayr clinic offers guests, who usually come on their own, the pleasure of the Klagenfurt lake and mountains to bike and hike around. There is also an inmate friendliness that creates new friends as you go through your weekly stay. Giggling is usually guaranteed.

Proof in our pudding
A final word from Domenig? “People need to experience what we do, not just read about it. Many of our philosophies pre date FX Mayr and come from time proven traditions of fasting and resting. We use only organic produce and ensure all the meat or fish is from farmers who love and care for their animals so that no stress hormones pass from the food to our guests. It’s those kind of details that will help consolidate our reputation for restoring health for all who visit us for the next decade and more.”

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