Take your family and friends on the adventure of a lifetime to Antarctica

12 May 2021

April French Furnell

White Desert and PrivateFly have launched two exciting new itineraries for the 2021/2022 Christmas and New Year weeks. Traditionally this time of year is best enjoyed with family and friends and where better to reunite than Antarctica. 

The new itineraries offer guests the chance to travel safely and in style with their own group in a private jet, operated by PrivateFly, from New York or London (other destinations can also be offered) directly to Cape Town. Here, guests will have a couple of days at their own leisure to explore the city, before embarking on a second private jet journey, operated by White Desert – which has been Carbon-neutral since 2007 - to the interior of Antarctica, a journey made by fewer than 700 travellers a year. 

Upon arrival, guests will land on White Desert’s very own blue ice runway before spending eight days exploring the Great White Continent, including highlights such as visiting the South Pole and the Emperor Penguins. This signature itinerary gives guests the unique opportunity to travel to Atka Bay and its 14,000 breeding pairs of Penguins and their newly hatched chicks, before journeying to the South Pole, an experience like no other. Visited by fewer people than the number that attempt to climb Everest each year, the South Pole is the lowest point on Earth, meaning you face north in every direction!

Guests will be treated to luxury accommodation at White Desert’s unique eco-camp, Whichaway Oasis, located on the edge of the Great White Continent at the Schirmacher Oasis, an ice-free, rocky plateau that is the site of over 100 freshwater lakes. Whichaway Oasis consists of a collection of seven spacious, heated and state-of-the-art hi-tech ‘polar pods’ arranged around a central lounge, dining, library and shower pods. Activities on offer at Whichaway include climbing, fat biking and abseiling or guests can enjoy a gentler pace with delicious picnics, relaxing massages, or visits to the newly added sauna and wellness pod perched beside a serene freshwater lake.

The guides and White Desert team are on hand to educate and inform throughout the visit. Guests will be introduced to the interior of Antarctica and encouraged to support the conservation by becoming Antarctic Ambassadors. Protecting and inspiring the future stewardship of Antarctica’s unique environment has always been at the heart of White Desert’s purpose.

For those visiting over the Christmas period, guests will enjoy 24-hour sunlight for a week like no other. White Desert will be making the camp feel like a home away from home with beautiful Christmas decorations adorning Whichaway Oasis complete with presents hidden under the tree. Guests will also be treated to a special Festive lunch with plenty of surprises. For groups travelling over New Year’s Eve, the White Desert team will ensure they celebrate the turning of the year in style with a glass of champagne in hand watching the ‘midnight sun’. Antarctica is home to the purest and oldest ice on Earth and guests will be able to toast the start of the year in a truly unique way, since White Desert uses 1,000 year-old ice blocks in their delicious cocktails.

Once the week’s festivities have ended, guests are once again whisked off the ice to enjoy two days in Cape Town, before PrivateFly returns them to New York or London. 


Sustainability credentials:

Carbon-neutral since 2007, White Desert is committed to minimising the footprint of its operations and to preserving and protecting the Antarctic environment. It offsets emissions throughout its supply chain through the funding of certified replanting and renewable projects, as well as using renewables in camp, removing single-use plastics and returning all solid waste from Antarctica for recycling or responsible disposal in South Africa. The company is also working with its partners on reducing the impacts of aviation in Antarctica such as testing sustainable aviation fuels in its operation. The full link to their environmental details are here:

White Desert has also been a member of IAATO since inception, with co-founder of White Desert Robyn Woodhead sitting on the IAATO Executive Committee. IAATO is a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.



The South Pole & Emperor Penguin Itinerary direct from New York - prices start from $130,000 per person. 

The South Pole & Emperor Penguin Itinerary direct from London - prices start from $125,000 per person. 

Trip dates are 20 – 27 December 2021 or 27 December 2021 – 03 January 2022.


T&Cs: These costs are based on 12 people per trip and are subject to availability; other terms & conditions apply.  Itineraries can be created on a bespoke basis with White Desert.