Sustainable travel – it’s easier than you think with NOW

25 September 2019

April French Furnell

If you are in the midst of planning your next holiday, take a moment to stop. What impact could your vacation have on the planet? If you are unsure of the answer, it’s time for you to learn about NOW is on a mission to help you enjoy the world, contribute towards helping communities and save our planet.

NOW was founded by Onno Poortier, a hotelier with over five decades of experience, and Alexa Poortier, whose experience spans the hospitality, media and PR industries.

In Alexa’s words “According to South Pole, if travel is a country, it is the fifth largest carbon polluter today after China, USA, EU and Russia. At this most urgent of times, the conscious consumer with the wallet and the vote is the most powerful influencer. They can change the attitudes and behaviour of owners and operators to commit to rigorous sustainability, to reduce and offset carbon emissions, and to improve lives in communities and help save our planet.” Yet NOW understands the barrier for many consumers is that they don’t have the time to fully research their holidays and hotels, so they’ve created NOW Sustainability Tool, enabling you to find, track and directly book responsible properties doing their bit to sustain the planet, giving back to communities and making a positive difference. Watch this short tutorial.

Furthermore, you can also utilize their NOW Offset Carbon tool powered by SouthPole, allowing you to calculate and offset your carbon footprint.

And the best bit? This doesn’t mean you have to forego your luxury holiday. Many of your favourites are already doing their bit for the planet, you just didn’t know about it.

See a few of our top luxury picks below.

The Alpina Gstaad, a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps, which excels in working with local suppliers and makes the most of its tranquil setting in its offering. The hotel is energy efficient, using renewable energy from hydro, solar and wood chips, smart systems and appliances, and reclaimed energy from freezers and refrigerators to heat its pools.

Whatley Manor Hotel has recently investmented in more energy efficient systems, employing local staff and tradesmen and using produce from its own kitchen garden or from within a limited radius of the property.

Soneva Fushi (Maldives) works closely with neighbouring islands with the objective to eliminate plastic waste and end open burning of waste. 0.5% of revenue as well as 100% of water revenue goes to local projects and 2% of room revenue goes to the Soneva Foundation for environmental projects to mitigate our carbon emissions.

On top of this, NOW also provides a handy ‘tough questions to ask before you book’ checklist empowering you to ask the right questions and make wise decisions.

NOW challenges you to make smarter travel decisions. Before you book your next trip, why not take a further look.


Further sustainable travel companies include 

Pura Aventura are a family business and offer tailor made travel to the 17 national parks and 60 communities across Patagonia (Chile) called the "Route of Parks". They work with organisations such as Tompkins Conservation in Chile and Argentina. Tompkins Conservation just donated 1 million acres of land to the Chilean government which has been re wilded and gifted to preserve the Chilean wild landscape and create two new national parks known as Pumalin and Patagonia. Kris Tompkins spoke at the official launch of their European Route of Parks travel event. Pura Aventura trips include Atacama & Patagonia where you can walk amongst the sand dunes and copper mines visiting turquoise lakes and watching glaciers crack and move.


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