Sue Laing ” no introduction needed

Date: 01 Dec 2006


There are many professionals within private client and wealth management who have an air about them. If there were such a thing as a wealth hall of fame, Sue Laing who is partner and head of the

private client department at Boodle Hatfield, would be within it. Talking about her in the industry many revered tones and comments return. Sue Laing is 'wealth establishment' and although a number of women in wealth could take the title "first lady", it wouldn't be misplaced with Sue.

"Our client base is interesting," Sue says "we are very proud of the Grosvenor Estate client and undoubtedly have the best stable of landed estates in England but this is only about 30% of our client base."

Sue further comments "we do an enormous amount of international work which accounts for about 50% of the total. This is made up of either international families or trustees and the families who have trusts. We also have many new-money clients who are always unquoted. These are mainly

made up of large manufacturers, aircraft and technology businesses." She adds "we have a number of big Asian clients too, which usually surprises people."

Sue says business is pouring in and reveals a newly arrived family client she is working with.

It seems that those law firms who stayed dedicated to private client are now reaping significant rewards as the worlds wealth surges. I ask about the tough times back in the nineties where private client got sidelined, dropped or diminished in many firms. She says firmly "we maintained a strong private client practice throughout but hiring was very tough making it difficult to expand." Sue continues "the property recession also hit which meant clients wanted to spend less. It was a difficult time."

So is private client hiring easier now? I sense a sigh as Sue says

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