Stonehage Fleming launches first global sustainable equity fund

Date: 25 May 2021


Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, the investment division of one of the world’s leading international Family Offices, has launched its Global Sustainable Equity Fund having successfully launched its Global Sustainable Investment Portfolios (GSIP) in 2019.

The Fund will replicate the equity component of GSIP, which has returned 39.42% for the 19 months ending 30th April 2021 versus the global equity benchmark, MSCI ACWI at +23.04% (GBP).

“We made the decision that this, our first standalone sustainable investment fund, should be focused solely on equity investments as we see them as the key drivers of return. Our equity investments can tackle a breadth of issues, including building back from Covid-19 and helping to address the majority of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We can also measure and report the impact that our clients’ investments make towards creating a sustainable planet and society”, explained Graham Wainer, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Investments at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management.

Since launch, the Fund has already attracted over $106 million in assets from private and professional investors demonstrating clear demand for global sustainable equity strategies.

Mona Shah, Director at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management said the fund is in response to a growing demand. “The outlook for ESG strategiestoday is more interesting than at the start of 2020 and we have seen increasedappetite for this approachas clientsactivelyseek to demonstrate their social capital in their investment philosophyandmeasuretheir positive contribution.”

“Our published proprietary research, ‘The Four Pillars of Capital: A time for reflection’ (2020) found that ultra-high net worth families and wealth creators have remained committed to ESG investment, despite the impact of COVID-19. 83% of respondents that applied ESG principles to their investments had not wavered from this, even as the pandemic caused turbulence in markets in the first half of 2020”, added Guy Hudson, Partner and Head of Group Marketing at Stonehage Fleming.

The Global Sustainable Equity Fund is now available. Further details can be found here:

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