Shanghai Delhi Club party at House of Lords with Lord Mawson OBE

Date: 10 Jun 2010


Photo, top: Mayank Patel, Currencies Direct, Shyam Kumar, CEO, Kotak, Muzaffar Khan, Space Energy.

Photo, bottom: The Dalmore presentation at The House of Lords.

The second Citywealth Shanghai Delhi Club for wealthy Asians based in the UK was held at The House of Lords on a private terrace in partnership with Lord Mawson OBE and Dalmore whisky.

The sun shone for the evening event which was held on a river terrace overlooking London’s finest attractions which included the London Eye. Guests were served Baron de Rothschild wine and chatted as they took in the view and basked in the sunny evening air.

A private tour of the House of Lords and House of Commons was organised by Lord Mawson OBE, who took the thirty five Brit’ Asian guests around the venue with many private rooms that are rarely glimpsed by the general public.

Many ooos and arrrs were heard as secrets of the building were revealed by Lord Mawson OBE, who was promoting the Bromley by Bow Centre which he founded and the East London Bond, which was set up to help loan funds to housing associations in the local area. Money donated by uhnw individuals and companies is used for five years to loan out and when paid back is returned to individuals. The interest on the loan and deposits is kept by the charity but uhnw and corporates get to have money used cleverly and in a philanthropic way whilst knowing it will be returned to their coffers in the five year time frame.

On their return guests were treated to a Dalmore whisky tasting which involved a master distiller Richard Paterson, who must be boxed as one of the greatest showmen on the planet. His tales of whisky drinking mixed with hilarious anecdotes about wine, women and song, kept guests in titters and on the edge of their seats for his presentation and tasting. One guest Bipin Desai who is on the committee of the Elephant Parade who are responsible for all the elephants currently popping up around London and is a hotel developer, was given star appeal when asked to join Richard Paterson on the stage to taste a £17,000 bottle of whisky. Paterson made his star hold his breath with the whisky in his mouth for a count of thirty seconds then let off a confetti banger which made the guests peel with laughter and left Bipin smiling broadly and with very red cheeks and perhaps a little sweat on his brow.

All Shanghai Delhi guests agreed it was a quite unusual evening, of the like they will probably never see again.

Shanghai Delhi guests attend by invitation only and must be uhnw individuals with in excess ¬£100mn in private wealth. The club aims to connect high society British Lords and Ladies with charitable concerns, power and influence to wealthy Asians with business prowess and lifestyle. The club connects Asia with Britain at an extremely high level without ever having to take a ‘plane from London and its fun too.

There are four events per year and guests who are not uhnw individual may join at £10,000 per annum to promote products and services to this audience and attend the events with meet and greet bonus. Its a simple way to meet the uhnw clients directly who buy Bentleys, yachts, substantial real estate, luxury goods, first class travel, private memberships and jewellery. It is also a way for investment managers, family offices and investment managers to meet thirty or more uhnw clients easily and effortlessly and bond with them in a small, friendly group that encourages friendship and business development opportunities. It is also a way for property developers and those looking for introductions to meet an important audience. Commissions can be agreed for specific productintroductions.
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