SCR Gold Collagen facial by Cetuem: a cosmetic brand that has been tried and tested for results for ten years

From a manufacturing background supplying a top selling organic wax products to four thousands beauty salons for hair removal. The facial brand Cetuem has arisen to hit the retail market with their anti ageing face creams and specialist gold facial masks. The name Cetuem which was constructed from parts of the names of the owners sons, is a brand owned by a family business run by Andria Vassilou and her husband who is a chemist by background.

The Cetuem range based on their Regenerating Serum which purifies the skin includes, something that once tried is hard to do without. It has high quantities of plant marine extracts which hold within pure gold, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E and many essential oils. Cetuem also has a broad suite of products including their specially formulated make up remover, toner, serum, face creams and an eye gel aswell as their facials.

I tried the Cetuem SCR Gold Collagen Facial which works on plumping and hydrating the skin by a hundred and eighty percent. It evens out fine lines, minimizes deeper lines and pores and skin becomes firmer and tighter.  Depending on your lifestyle the effects of the facial will last from a few days to a week. My face looked considerably plumping forcing out the lines that tend to dig a deep groove around the mouth area.

Vassiliou ventured into face products when she hit forty, finding like most of us that many creams fail to deliver on their promises. “We picked the finest ingredients,” Says Vassiliou “I wanted it to work first before we looked at pricing and costs.”

She says it is the special mixture and the quality of the ingredients that work and even a skin condition her son developed and was prescribed steroids for, cleared up after using her creams.

Since she has tested her products on herself, friends and family for more than ten years, Vassiliou has had her collagen level measured and found that it was higher than her six year old son. “I wanted to work for ten years to ensure our face products worked” says Vassiliou who has also just completed testing on a hair loss invention.

The products are sold either from their website or from selected beauty salons nationwide. Also, facials available from selected salons nationwide. Home visits can also be arranged. Please ring Cetuem on 020 8368 0008 for nearest stockist/beauty salon.

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