RPost insights Jan 2013

Date: 04 Feb 2013


RPost Releases App with Patented Track, Prove, Sign, and Encrypt Services

RPost has released the most comprehensive app for high value messaging and document services, to automate contract signoff, encrypt for privacy, track and prove delivery, transfer large files, and more. RPost has established a strategic marketing alliance with to bring this RPost app to their ecosystem of more than 100,000 customers. “Many of our users that have traditionally used RPost services sending from RPost’s Microsoft Outlook app are building more automation into sales and customer service processes with,‚Äù states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “With RPost’s new app, developed in collaboration from RPost’s customers, we now bring the same high value messaging user experience within This increases automation of processes with RPost’s legal electronic signature services, while maintaining security and robust records for accountability and proof in document delivery.‚Äù RPost’s Registered Email services can be now added easily to user interfaces, with a simple, integrated, feature rich user experience that is also configurable for enterprise customers.

RPost Insights 2013: Email Trends for Business Professionals and Technology Investors

RPost RPost’s CEO, Zafar Khan, will present market insights and trends in an analysis derived from end user survey responses, aggregated business messaging usage data, field sales staff and customer interviews, and related market research, to provide a view of trends in high value electronic messaging and e-document delivery services. This webinar briefing provides market insight for e-business program managers, portfolio managers, financial investors and industry analysts focused on business messaging and e-document technologies.

RPost Adds Second Patent Infringement Suit against Docusign and Docusign Customers

RPost has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit against Docusign and 16 of Docusign’s customers, asserted in the lawsuit to willfully infringe RPost patents. This is the second patent infringement lawsuit filed by RPost against Docusign, with RPost asserting infringement of a total of 8 patents. The first lawsuit is scheduled for jury trial in the Eastern District of Texas in August 2013. RPost has been granted 46 patents on its email and document tracking, proof, e-signature, and encryption technologies, with many of its patents having been originally filed in the late 1990’s.

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