Riverwoods: An Untold Story

4 May 2022

The European Nature Trust will be hosting the London premiere of Riverwoods, a feature-length documentary on the perilous state of wild salmon populations and degraded river catchments.

Riverwoods: An Untold Story

In partnership with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, The European Nature Trust will be hosting the London premiere of Riverwoods: An Untold Story at the prestigious British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank. Shot across multiple locations in Europe, this urgently needed documentary shines a light on the perilous state of wild salmon populations and degraded river catchments, and what we can do to secure their future.


Salmon and rivers need our support

We all depend on rivers. They provide the water we drink; they transport the nutrients that people and wildlife alike need; their flows provide habitats and sustain ecosystems. Yet all is not well. In Scotland – where 97% of native woodland has been lost – many riverbanks are deforested.

Threatened by changes at sea and on land, Scotland’s Atlantic salmon are now suffering from the degradation of river catchments. We have witnessed a decline of Atlantic salmon numbers by 70% within the last 50 years. With climate change, rivers are becoming too hot. Our deforested riverbanks fail to provide the cooling shade that young salmon need to grow and survive. Scientists from Marine Scotland have found that just 35% of rivers in Scotland have adequate tree cover for salmon survival. We must get trees back on riverbanks, and fast.

Riverwoods: An Untold Story


Why should you and your business attend the London premiere of Riverwoods?

Every one of us can make a difference. By purchasing tickets, you can support a growing movement for river restoration, you can help get trees back on our waterways, and protect salmon populations.

100% of the proceeds raised from ticket sales will be directed to projects that help repair and restore the most affected river catchments in Scotland. By attending the premiere you can help restore natural flows, contribute to tree planting initiatives in river catchments and help kickstart wildlife conservation projects (including beaver reintroduction efforts) to improve the ecological condition of our waterways.

The evening will bring together key stakeholders in conservation, landowners, business leaders, environmental entrepreneurs, celebrities and more. In what promises to be an unforgettable evening, the premiere will be followed by dinner, drinks and a party, while serving as a crucial fundraising and networking platform.


Visit their website to find more information about The European Nature Trust or click here to purchase your ticket.


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