Revolutionary new service bridges gap between paper and digital worlds

Date: 29 Sep 2011


Do you know where the title deeds are for your house? Imagine having all your paperwork securely in one place – an “online filing cabinet” where every paper is in order, deadlock secure, easily searchable and accessible at the touch of a button. My Wealth Cloud is a revolutionary new service providing a dedicated consultant to help people collate paperwork in order to create a personal online filing cabinet. Reminders can then be set for those all-important dates – insurance renewals, birthdays and anniversaries.

“There is tremendous relief in being able to de-clutter your home,” says David Alexander, founder and Chairman of My Wealth Cloud. “With our service, clients can retrieve an insurance policy to make a claim one moment, and look through treasured memorabilia the next – all at the click of a button on their computer or mobile device. My Wealth Cloud isn’t just an online filing cabinet, it’s a change in lifestyle‚Ķit’s a glimpse into the future of personal organisation.”

Clients of My Wealth Cloud receive a Welcome Pack to assist in the preparation of paperwork. A consultant visits the client’s home to help organise documents, which are then scanned, categorised, encrypted and uploaded to create an online filing cabinet. The original paper documents are securely archived or returned to their owner. Further documents can be added to the online filing cabinet at any time.

“Here in the UK, there are about 20,000 unclaimed estates holding billions of pounds for rightful heirs, and banks hold some ¬£5 billion for missing account holders,” adds Alexander. “This is often because family members don’t know these accounts exist or cannot locate the files and documents they need. With My Wealth Cloud, gone are the days when probate took many months or even years. Our clients designate one or more emergency contacts for their online filing cabinet, just as they would when writing a will. The designated contacts can then access all the relevant online documents after the client’s death.”

My Wealth Cloud has partnered with recognised leaders in their fields to ensure the efficiency and security of the system. “We worked with IBM, Cisco, Fedex and Sterling Archives to ensure that we provide a unique service experience, whilst ensuring our technology is ultra-secure,” adds Alexander.

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