Reconnect with the natural world through THE WILD podcast

29 March 2021

April French Furnell

“Welcome back to the adventure, science, humour, and to the beauty” Chris Morgan (THE WILD podcast host). Listen to the trailer here

While the world as we knew it stopped due to the pandemic, nature flourished. In an evocative new podcast series, British-American ecologist Chris Morgan takes us on an adventure to discover together the magic of nature and meet some amazing people supporting it.

Launching on 6 April, the third series of THE WILD podcast couldn’t be more enriching.  As informative as it is evocative, it provides the escapism we are all craving - whether on the move or within the comfort of our own home. Allow the sound and stories of wildlife and their habitats to reconnect you with the natural world, and be inspired to protect it. Highlights include:

  • Join Chris in search of the elusive jaguar in the jungles of Belize….on the path of the New World’s biggest 'big cat'
  • Discover why it's so hard to swat a house fly and how ravens are better than us at maths
  • Meet a former gang member turned conservationist who has dedicated his life to saving the California condor
  • Go tracking a very special wolverine (not Hugh Jackman)...the first of its species to return to Mount Rainier National Park near Seattle
  • Unearth the secret lives of burying beetles and why we rarely see dead animals in the woods...
  • ….and find out how to catch a rattlesnake to keep these social creatures from harm.


In 12 episodes over five months, meet motivational and colourful characters - conservationists, scientists, hunters and filmmakers - working to save incredible creatures; from the Scarlet Macaws in Central America, orangutans in Northern Sumatra and the Mountain Caribou in the Northwest.

It’s the perfect time to step away from our screens, and swap heavy news and Covid fatigue with hope. Unlike most storytelling about the environment, THE WILD conveys optimism and a path forward - at a time when we are all looking for positivity and connection.  After all, it's the natural world we are all part of.

Download the new series and lose yourself in the storytelling. Be inspired and rewild your mind.

THE WILD is a production of KUOW Seattle and Chris Morgan Wildlife with support from Wildlife Media. This new series is also supported by The European Nature Trust

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